The Independent Angler: Monster perch, the biggest Tweed salmon in years and Hardys Greys

Gareth Purnell

angling 1 300x225 The Independent Angler: Monster perch, the biggest Tweed salmon in years and Hardys GreysBiggest Tweed salmon for years falls to fly angler

A fly angler has banked the biggest salmon seen on the River Tweed for years – a fish close to 50lb in weight – from the river below Sir Walter Scott’s favourite Borders viewpoint. Ghillie Ian Farr helped to land the mighty cock fish, the largest salmon of his professional life, from a pool below the heights of Scott’s View.

The lucky angler was Edinburgh’s Jim Reid who said: “This was by far the biggest salmon I have ever caught. It was an amazing experience and I can’t thank Ian enough for his skill, encouragement and moral support. There was no way I was going to land that fish if he hadn’t been there!”

The pair were fishing the Top Corbie, a pool below and to the left of Scott’s View, before the start of fast water on the Bemersyde beat of the Tweed. The fish measured 50 inches long with a 25in girth and Mr Farr, a Bemersyde ghillie for a quarter of a century, initially estimated he might weigh about 37lb. But after looking at charts online and other guidelines, he now believes it may have been nearer 47lb. Mr Reid was using a one-and-a-half-inch Gold Bodied Willie Gunn tube fly.

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6lb perch 300x225 The Independent Angler: Monster perch, the biggest Tweed salmon in years and Hardys GreysMonster Perch To Lure Angler?

Here’s a perch to tickle the fancy of any predator angler out there – all 6lb 6oz of it. That’s bigger than the British record.
The magnificent fish fell to the rod of German angler and guide Andreas Schutt, who caught it while lure fishing in the southern Baltic in two to three metres of water, fishing over weedbeds. The fish was the biggest of string of specimen fish taken by fishing 13cm 4Ply Lowrider and Diving Prey63 lures. Wow!

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Hardy Greys For Sale!

World-renowned fishing equipment manufacturer, Hardy & Greys is seeking a new owner following a strategic review of the business. The Alnwick-based fishing tackle maker has held 10 Royal Warrants over the last century and numbers the Prince of Wales among its customers. For the last 45 years, it has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harris & Sheldon Group Ltd – a family-owned private investment group.

hardys 300x225 The Independent Angler: Monster perch, the biggest Tweed salmon in years and Hardys GreysHardy has been based in Alnwick since its formation in 1872. It became Hardy & Greys Ltd in 2004 – the change of name reflecting its acquisition of fishing tackle brand Greys, later followed by the acquisition of Chub. Across the three brands, it covers all the branches of recreational fishing.

The company has been at the forefront of the fishing tackle market since being awarded its first patent in 1880. It developed the first carbon fibre fishing rods and, thanks to a partnership with researchers at 3M, recently created rods made from the new SINTRIX™ carbon fibre material that have won a string of awards and are recognised as the finest fly rods in the world.

Chilly Bags His Target Fish
Carp ace Ian Chillcott has already banked his target winter fish from Linear Fisheries’ Manor Farm Lake – and The Carp Channel was there to exclusively capture it on film.

To see the capture in the video news bulletin in the brand new issue of The Carp Channel click here

chilly 300x225 The Independent Angler: Monster perch, the biggest Tweed salmon in years and Hardys GreysChilly caught the long, lean mirror carp known as ‘Spike’ – the biggest fish in the venue – while field testing a bait for Mainline that’s so new it’s not even got a name yet. The fish, in perfect winter trim, came from the Witney bank on a stiff link pop-up after Chilly located a clear patch in amongst some weed at around 75 yards. He fed around 1.5kilos of 10mm and 14mm boilies and some Response pellets. Spike weighed in at 44lb 8oz – a couple of pounds heavier than when Ian Russell had it last December. He also had a 24-pounder in the same session – a massive result on the tough water.

Chilly said: “This is the first time I’ve fished The Manor since the winter of 1996/97. It’s certainly one of the best day ticket waters in the country, with a good winter record and it’s a water that holds some 30-40 thirties and seven or eight forties.

“When I saw the fish over the net I knew it could only be Spike and right now I could not be happier. I’ll be staying here though – there are more forties to catch!”

Look out for the full story of Chilly’s capture in a forthcoming episode of Chilly On Carp.

Rivers In Crisis
The current issue of Game Fisher’s Diary – free to view here and includes a special programme made by world renowned wildlife film-maker Hugh Miles about the desperate outlook for many of the UK’s famous chalk stream rivers.

The video entitled Our Rivers In Crisis, illustrates how the entire food chain is being affected by man-made and other issues.
It includes an interview with Paul Knight of the Salmon And Trout Association who believes that there is a complete lack of commitment from government to protect them in direct breach of the Habitats Directive.

The STA has lost patience and they have already delivered a legal challenge to the European Commission.
The video is free to view online, on smartphones and on Samsung Smart TVs, and is introduced by Rae Borras with a call to action about how anglers can help the Salmon And Trout Association’s fight.

1 scottish turbot 300x225 The Independent Angler: Monster perch, the biggest Tweed salmon in years and Hardys GreysScottish Record Turbot

The Shetland Islands are fast gaining a reputation as one of the top sea angling destinations out there, and has cemented that further with the capture of a Scottish record turbot going 13.5kg – which is just short of 30lb.

Robert Macmillan, a 48-year-old fishery officer, caught the monster fish from a gully that has been producing many big turbot over recent months.

“In the morning we had some excellent wreck sport, where around 20 double figure ling were taken,” he told Angling News Week.

“We moved to a shell sand bank that has now produced over 200 double figure turbot in the last year. We had 12 big boys and a couple of minutes into the very last drift, I felt a small tug on my line, then another, before a really good bite. I struck and hooked into the fish and immediately line started steaming off my reel.”

Robert used mackerel strip on a 6/0 Gamakatsu circle hook on a flowing trace with a five-inch rattling silver spoon and a five-inch Lumi Muppet. The current British boat-caught turbot record was set in 1980 with a fish of 33lb 12oz captured off Salcombe in Devon. It’s clearly in danger!

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