Video: MC Hammer and Psy join forces – it’s Gangnam time!

Neela Debnath

It’s the collaboration you’ve all been waiting for, K-pop rapper Psy has joined MC Hammer on stage at the American Music Awards to perform a mashup of Gangnam Style and U Can’t Touch This. The Korean star admitted that he has been a fan of MC Hammer for a very long time and that he was doing the dance over 20 years ago when the song first came out. While MC Hammer said that Psy has ‘moved the world’ with his dance hit.

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  • Adam Cheshire

    Watching this without sound made me want to sleep for a thousand years. I can only imagine the horrors of watching it with sound.

  • stonedwolf

    Mostly the sound is some annoying presenter talking over the top of everyone.

  • stonedwolf

    Congratulations, you have posted a video that is mainly about some annoying, idiot presenter non-person talking over some music.

  • Adam Cheshire

    I think I prefer the visceral mute experience. It gets to the crux of the matter.

  • M’amBang

    Neela Debnath, it’s “2 Legit to Quit” and not “U Can’t Touch This” in the mashup. Check your facts before writing.

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