Nexus 10 orders shipping within 24 hours, despite stated 2-3 week delay

Alex Masters

nexus 300x225 Nexus 10 orders shipping within 24 hours, despite stated 2 3 week delayDespite Google stating a two to three week shipping delay on Nexus 10 orders, it appears that some orders, placed as early as this week on the UK Google Play store, have already been delivered to customers.

According to several users on Google+, orders have been shipping within 24 hours of the initial purchase and arriving at customer’s doors in as little as 72 hours. Unlike the Nexus 4 smartphone, which is not even available for pre-order, Nexus 10 orders can still be placed on the Google Play store.

Some customers assumed the unexpected availability was due to cancellations by previous customers, subsequently freeing up previously assigned stock, but this is likely not the case. Any cancellations would benefit those who purchased Nexus 10 first, rather than last. Any availability would trickling down to the most recent purchases last. That is, of course, depending on whether the Google Play store is functioning as it’s supposed to.

It’s no secret that Google poorly managed the launch of the Nexus lineup on their online store. Sporadic availability and inaccurate shipping notifications could well be a byproduct of this failure. It seems some orders are still delayed, despite being place a couple of weeks ago.

Google+ is littered with complaints and frustrations regarding the launch, with many people dumbfounded as to how Google, a company known for their reliable online services, could struggle so much with a simple online store catering for a handful of products.

Regardless of the chaos surrounding the launch, if you’re hoping to secure a Nexus 10 in time for Christmas, I think it might be worth placing your order now, as there’s always the possibility that a Nexus 10 could arrive at your door within the next few days.

Take advantage of the availability now if you can. Even if your order does take up to 3 weeks to arrive, at least you’ll have it in time for the holidays, which is essential if it’s intended as a gift. Stock levels may well become even more constrained as we get closer to Christmas.

One thing to bear in mind is the 15 day returns policy for devices purchased from the Google Play store. This time limit takes effect from the date your device is delivered, not the day that it is ordered. Any orders received before December 11th at the very latest, will exceed this 15 day return window, so just make sure your loved one really wants a tablet!

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  • Pete Loud

    This is a change from the usual Apple advert.

  • Scooterch

    Good advice. Mine is apparently on its way but I am having second thoughts. The Nexus 7 is a clear winner in its size, but Nexus 10 pricing is too close to the iPad, making me envious of the Apple ecosystem of cases, chargers and accessories like AirPlay/Apple TV. Google Play is also short on appealing tablet-specific apps, which is how we use the tablet (rather than for work, or watching videos), so I wonder if this year is the best time to plunge in. Frankly, the Nexus 10 also looks a bit porky in the publicity photos and I just feel guilty for spending hundreds on a gadget. So I plan to open it up when it arrives and give serious thought to returning it, before wrapping it up for Christmas.

  • PB

    Not sure. It’s hardly glowing. If Apple had managed to get their iPads out quicker than scheduled, it would no doubt be very positive. This is full of criticism.

  • JoeyB

    I ordered my Nexus 10 on the 21st at 2:12pm and it shipped the same day at 5:22pm. It then got delivered on the 22nd at 3:04pm. Essentially everything done in about 25 hours. Not bad.

  • crees1234

    Got mine next day, great service from TNT, the google checkout however!!!! poor,very poor
    how can they make such basic mistakes…. fields too small to read text, postcode inconsistent, no copying of address fields….. I could belive it from MickySoft but Google come on guys! someone at google signed it off as ready

  • crees1234

    In terms of the OS ( andriod ) I’m thinking it may be worth waiting untill Ubuntu has a tablet version, then im using all the same OS on each machine

  • ivandenisovich

    Followed all the links to the Google cock-ups. Just decided not to buy one. Don’t need any of this at Christmas.Thanks Google; made up my mind for me.

  • steve

    I ordered my nexus10 on Wednesday at 9am and it arrived Friday morninG. The screen quality is amazing! The product is beautiful.
    the only problem with the whole order process, it’s not amazon! Uk customers expect free delivery on everything over £100, Google overcharge at £9.99 to deliver a such a light object.
    Its really insulating to enter your visa details for £319 and THEN be told the p&p is an extra £10. I wanted to cancel my order but thought about my sons face on Christmas day! Not a good buying experience should have waited for John lewis to stock it

  • Philip King

    Delivery was attempted on my Nexus 10 a little over 24 hours after I ordered. That’s great, except of course I wasn’t in! If I’d known I would have got it shipped to my work address, but due to the indeterminate date I played it safe and ordered to home. Obviously getting it this quickly is great (I collected it the day after and am writing this comment from it now…!) but it doesn’t exactly reassure me that Google have their hardware decision under control….

  • Dee Bee

    Ordered mine on Friday November 23 and almost a week later, they still have not shipped. Place many phone calls and just as many emails and no clear answer on why something in stock has not shipped. Very sad. Guess I get an iPad…

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