Was Barack Obama inspired by 1990s Berkshire visit?

John Rentoul

obamawokingham 300x221 Was Barack Obama inspired by 1990s Berkshire visit?It’s Friday, and time to announce another two winners of the Questions To Which The Answer Is No competition.

Tom Wein spotted the above, in the finest traditions of local journalism, the Get Reading local website report of the President’s re-election, which it linked to his 1996 visit to Wokingham. Kezia, Barack Obama’s father’s first wife, lives in Bracknell. (Photograph of Obama at his brother-in-law’s wedding in Wokingham from The Sun.)

Joshua Revesz found this on the New York Times website:

Will Snakes Inherit the Earth?

They both win signed copies of Questions To Which The Answer Is No, available in selected bookshops and downloadable to your Kindle, and their questions are now numbers 879 and 880 in my never-ending series.

Two more winners to be announced every week until Christmas. Keep your entries coming in, in the comments, by email or on Twitter, hashtag #WINQTWTAIN.

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  • creggancowboy

    Dear Diary, Friday. 11.00 am. Get coked up. take off clothes, climb horse statue in Whitehall. (Edited extract from papers of Ed Miliband, hacked by Anonymous).

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