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Neela Debnath

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SPOILERS: Do not read this if you have not seen episode 5, series 4 of ‘Misfits’

The misfits are depleting and now there are just three left after Curtis’ death, ane this week was a yarn that let Finn take the lead. As a character he is incredibly annoying rather than endearing, viewers may want to like him but the moment they start to have an inkling of affection towards him, he just destroys it in the next scene. And yet by the end of this episode Finn has been through a journey and has come out stronger and finally more likeable.

This week saw Finn go in search of his real father and getting more than he bargained for – and that’s just ‘anal Mary’. Similar to the episode involving Sadie, this instalment brought out another side in Finn. Nathan McMullen plays the serious, weightier stuff far better than the more humorous material which doesn’t feel as subtle or natural.

There were some really some really strong performances in this episode, particularly by Francis Magee as Finn’s dad and Charlie Murphy as his half-sister Grace. Both of them supported McMullen to produce an emotional and poignant storyline that explored euthanasia and the right to die with a Misfits slant. It was an intriguing way to explore this issue which has been in the news so much, and this story showed both sides of the argument. We saw Finn’s father just wanting to end it all due to being in so much pain and we saw Grace’s difficulty in letting go.

The use of a power, specifically Grace’s power, in Finn’s storyline is what Misfits is good at – it is about taking the fantasy element and weaving it in and giving it a sense of relevance. The show was all about what would really happen if ordinary people got random superpowers. They wouldn’t all become crime-fighting super heroes or super villains. Instead they would use their power for things in everyday life like keeping a loved one alive. The series is about applying powers to normal life rather than the grandiose acts of saving the world.

Finn’s newly-discovered fraternal instincts towards Grace make him likeable. Previously, he has been a man-child but this new responsibility presents him in a new light. After acting in such an immature way, when it comes down to it, he can handle responsibility. He will act as the older sibling and look after Grace. The way in which he stood up to Rudy, despite the gross difference in height, earned him respect from the audience. For the first time in his life, he has something that he really cares about and he will protect it with his life.

Meanwhile in other parts of the episode, it was interesting to see that Curtis’ death was briefly looked into when the probation worker took Rudy aside. Usually, the deaths of the main characters are ignored or left to one side, such as Curtis’ girlfriend Nikki (Ruth Negga) getting shot or Alisha (Antonia Thomas) getting her throat slashed. However, this time Curtis’ death is mentioned. Indeed Rudy is upset by Curtis’ death even though he can’t admit it or explain to Greg the full story. It was nice that his death didn’t go completely unmentioned.

As a whole, this episode had some strong dramatic elements in it rather than comic but it worked, much in the same way that Kelly’s body swap did in the last series. The show has always had a lot of death in it, it’s part of the show’s grit and yet it can make it as comical or as tragic as it needs to be.

Next time on Misfits… It’s Alex’ story, the teaser shows just flashes of a club, people with numbers on their head. It all looks like a twisted horror movie – particularly the guy with the white bunny head. Prepare to fall down the rabbit hole. 

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  • Snakeskin

    This week’s episode struck a nice balance between the dark and comedic – only a series like ‘Misfits’ could have euthanasia and synchronised bladders interweaved into a single episodic hour.

    I’m also preparing to fall down the rabbit hole, and I’ve blogged more about this week’s ep here:

  • Knowles2

    The first episode of series 4 that I have really enjoyed. An I am sure Flynn sister will be making regular appearances, so numbers are building back up again. I think Misfits is at its best when it does the weightier drama stuff, I know many people do not agree with me but I always felt the comedy often distracted rather than added to the series.
    Looking forward to next week, look like we got a rampaging murdering rabbit on the loose (possible a misfit version of werewolf myth, they done Zombies after all), cool.

  • TrollingForColumbine

    I hope Curtis is revived by Grace. His death felt very sudden, and I wasn’t quite prepared for it. I’d like him to have a better send-off if his character does leave the show permanently.

  • Guest

    What’s with the reviewers (here and elsewhere) and commentators talking about euthanasia? Finn’s father died of natural causes.

  • Zachary

    What is with reviewers and comments saying this episode was about euthanasia? Finn’s dad died of natural causes.

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