Tablet effect: Which tablet suits me best?

Pollyanna Woodward

tablets 225x300 Tablet effect: Which tablet suits me best?It’s on everyone’s Christmas lists this year. No, it’s not a pair of socks, a Christmas jumper or the traditional smellies from your Gran, this year everyone’s talking about Tablets.

And in turn they’ve seen unprecedented growth in 2012, with one of the largest technology retailers, Argos, expecting to sell tens of thousands of devices this Christmas. Whereas a few years ago Tablets were unheard of, now everyone’s talking about them and technology brands such as Samsung, VTech and Google have quick  embraced the ‘Tablet effect’.

The range is now vast, with numerous functions including enabling you to work, play and communicate with your nearest and dearest. In short, Tablets are fast becoming a mobile internet revolution. But it’s not just the technically savvy members of the household that are turning to Tablets, now there’s a product to suit each member of the family – whether you’re six or 60. So what do you choose if you’re considering your first foray into the world of Tablets this Christmas? Which one is for you?

Well, you needn’t let the jargon put you off.  Whilst there are a number of devices on offer, it is really a case of asking yourself three things: Who are you buying for? What will they be using it for? And perhaps most importantly, how much do you want to pay? This will dictate the Tablet for you.

When these devices first came to the market, their prices were touching the £500 mark, but it is now refreshing to see so many great devices on a more affordable scale. If you don’t want to break the bank I would recommend the CnM 7inch or 9inch tablet. With a starting price point at just under £100, this is one of the most cost effective Tablets on the market and it is great if you are just starting out and are prefer something user friendly. I’d recommend this one for anyone aged 12+. It has a decent amount of processing power, a good operating system and is very comprehensive in its capabilities. The only downside to a tablet at this price point is the resolution and the quality of the screen may not be as sharp as other Tablets. That said, if you want a tablet that delivers the basics to a great standard then this is worth its money.

But what about the more tech savvy members of the family? Well, the Samsung Galaxy Note is sleek, clever and contains a number of functions that will keep you entertained for hours. It is well designed and built, but also a little more pricey; it is more of a fashion looking device which is why I think this will be more appealing for those in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s. It has some great features that are exceptional such as an 8mp main camera, full HD video playback, hi res screen and lightweight at just 178g, you have a higher end Tablet here that really delivers.

The Google Nexus 7 is another Tablet I’ve had the pleasure of using. For a start, the design is sleek and better looking. It really packs a punch in its processing power and functionality, and I’d say it’s more for those who are acquainted with technology and require a device that works quickly, intuitively and with ease. If I were to put an age on this I’d say it’s for the 16+ members of the family, and the owner of this device will have a pretty good understanding of how they work already. Whilst it may take a while getting used to, it won’t take too long to master once you get the hang of it.

And it doesn’t stop there. Kids are part of the digital age now and many parents will probably agree that their son or daughter’s propensity to pick up technology is far better than theirs. The VTech Innotab 2 is inexpensive and great as a starter Tablet. It is recommended for age four plus by the manufacturer and it will certainly help your youngster have fun whilst improving their development and educational skills at the same time. Design wise, this has been kept quite chunky, it’s robust, colourful and fun, so for small people with little hands it’ll be easy for them to hold and get to grips with.

One of my favourite devices aimed at slightly older children is the Nabi. This is a great looking Tablet for the younger age range, with a processing power and operating system that is fairly advanced. It’s a little more on the costly side for a child’s computing device, which is why I would say this Tablet would be great for the age range of 6-7 year olds. Its interchangeable coloured bumper means it is robust enough to be carted around in school bags, cars and on holidays. It will allow them to get to grips in a pretty comprehensive way with the android operating system.

So there you go. Don’t get bogged down with the jargon and sheer variety off Tablets on offer –with a bit of planning you can be the proud own of the latest tech phenomenon. Happy shopping!

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  • peterthegolfer

    The Samsung Galaxy Note is a phone!
    It’s the Samsung galaxy Tab2 7″ & 10.1″ that are Samsung’s newest tablets to the market. Pollyanna needs to check her research techniques..

  • midlander

    Er I think it’s you that needs to do the research as it is also a 10.1″ tablet – just type Galaxy Note tablet into Google and it will enlighten you…..:-)

  • rapidlifestyle

    I would like to go for Google Nexus 7. It’s just a perfect tablet of 2012

  • peterthegolfer

    If you click on the link it is definitely a phone that is in a persons hand…

  • Craig

    Yes the Samsung galaxy Note 2 is a phone which has just been released however the samsung galaxy note 10.1 tablet was released along with it. I just brought that tablet.

  • rayth

    There is a note 10.1 that is a tablet. The specs she gives are for the tablet not the phone. I should know, I have both.

  • rayth

    Yup. She linked to the phone instead of the tablet. Have to admit I use the phone like a tablet.

  • Marianne Ibbotson

    I just got one, and really… I’d say it’s both. It’s slightly on the small side for a tablet, definitely on the big side for a phone, very usable as a tablet (1280×800 screen, fast dual core processor), lovely device overall. I only got it because my old phone finally broke, and I wasn’t expecting something so competent in the role of tablet, which I’m finding is by far my greatest use of it as opposed to using it as a phone.

  • peterthegolfer

    I have had the 7″ Tab2 16g for several weeks now and I think it beats the Kindle Fire and the Google Nexus7 into a cocked hat because the latter two are tied, especially the Kindle which is just a shop front for Amazon. The Samsung follows the true ethos of “android” in that it is open and offers lots of freebies, plus the ability to use a 64g micro SD card for extra storage too. A little too big for a phone though, me-thinks! :O)

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