Google Play Store gets the Google+ treatment, all future reviews now require profiles

Alex Masters

google store 300x225 Google Play Store gets the Google+ treatment, all future reviews now require profilesIt’s no secret that Google intend to integrate Google+ into every single product and service they offer as today’s Play store update demonstrates. As of today, all future reviews placed on the Google Play store will only be published when tied to a valid Google+ profile. Both your full name and profile picture will be displayed alongside the body of your review.

All nicknames associated with previous Play store reviews have now been stripped out and replaced with a generic ‘Google User’ moniker. It’s not yet clear whether it will be possible to tie your previous reviews to your Google+ account, something that very active reviewers might wish to do. Hopefully Google will shed more light on this in the near future.

A pop-up dialogue on the Play store states that: “From now on, reviews you write will be posted publicly using your Google+ name and picture. Your name on previous reviews will appear as “A Google User.”

Some individuals put a lot of effort into their reviews and may wish to tie them in with their profiles. Passionate book and music critics are good examples of this. Now that you can have your detailed reviews link back to your Google+ profiles, these changes could provide additional avenues for social engagement.

The changes to reviewer anonymity should help to reduce the number of offensive and spammy posts submitted to the store, improving the accuracy and value of future reviews, now that users can no longer hide behind cryptic nicknames.

Google+ integration with the Play store provides yet another path into Google’s social network experience. Google+ has seen considerable growth over the past few months, especially when it comes to brands and businesses embracing the platform to interact with customers.

Do you welcome these new Google+ integrations, or do you value your anonymity when posting reviews on the products and services you use? Bearing in mind that YouTube could be next to get the Google+ treatment!

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  • Shel Fulmer

    Maybe this will make people think before they write dumb things. I have seen countless reviews that are just ignorant because the user doesn’t understand the app or is too lazy to read the description or contact the dev for support.

  • Big_Phill

    Don’t see the big deal, the only people who stand to lose from this are of the abusive troll variety.

    Anyone giving constructive criticism would surely welcome the opportunity for the developer to contact them for further input or to let them know that their feedback was taken on board and acted on?

    There are times for anonymity but posting a review on a public site is not one of them. You want people to listen to you? Fine, they have to know who you are.

  • Allin

    I don’t have a Google + account, and never will have one. So, no more reviews of apps

  • neil underwood

    This is just ludicrous. I’ve tried Google+ and deleted my profile because I didn’t like it. I also don’t need any more memberships to social networking sites. Google+ offers me absolutely nothing. So much for writing any more reviews on the play store I suppose. Forcing users to sign up for unwanted services? I think we’re getting a little too big for our britches here Google.

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