The solo sailing blog: Hoping for a good strong wind

Alex Thomson

Morning everyone!alex3 300x225 The solo sailing blog: Hoping for a good strong wind

Great news this morning, I am up to 3rd again, and I’m pushing on for 2nd place in the race. However I’m reluctant to get too excited at this point, at this stage in the race, everything is ultimately a question of strategy. Jean-Pierre Dick (skipper for Virbac Paprec, currently in 5th) has opted to take a more southerly route, which means he will get the new wind first when it comes in the next 24 hours. I will be one of the last to get the new wind so I have to hope I continue to have a good strong wind for today and hope they do not!

It was a tough day yesterday, there was a lot of cloud activity and variable wind which meant I got hardly any sleep which made the day really challenging. Luckily I managed to fit in quite a few naps last night though when the wind was more stable, and today I am feeling back to normal.

I have had some issues with the hydro charging so was working on that a lot yesterday, there have also been some problems with the battery management system which is not alarming properly. So I spent all day yesterday in between clouds, and on the phone with Rachel Howe, who is in charge of electronics on our team, trying to get to the bottom of the problem. She thinks we have solved it now, so fingers crossed there are no more problems, the hydro seems to be behaving itself again which is a good sign. However,  I can see me having hydro issues all the way around the world, good thing we have a few spares on-board!

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