What are you giving on #GivingTuesday?

Emma Munbodh

givingtuesday1 300x225 What are you giving on #GivingTuesday?You’ve heard about Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, but have you heard about America’s Giving Tuesday? International development organisation, Practical Action, have brought this new-found American event to the UK for the first time today, in aid of recognising charitable activities and non-profits around the world. This contrasting occasion following last week’s moment of thankfulness and splashing out is about bringing the Thanksgiving season back to its roots by helping, donating and raising awareness.

The American holiday season officially kicked off last Thursday with Thanksgiving, and immediately after, in fact literally just hours after midnight chaos ensued at retail stores across American high streets, as shopaholics fought their way through crowds in pursuit of Black Friday big savings. At this point, it seemed the traditional moment of thanks and giving had been lost in a shopping frenzy as businesses tried desperately to cash in, and consumers went wild.

Emily Nash works for Practical Action. The organisation was launched by author and economist EF Schumacher in 1965. Schumacher believed in putting people’s real needs at the heart of development, and that’s exactly what Practical Action hope to do. The charity gives Brits the opportunity to contribute to the festive season of Christmas and Thanksgiving by donating low cost, appropriate and small-scale development solutions to unfortunate people living abroad.

How can we contribute?

Giving Tuesday is about buying and selling innovative gift ideas. Shoppers can buy one off life changing gifts online and donate them to the underprivileged living abroad. Examples? These ‘gifts’ range from ducks to help people in Bangladesh earn an income to clean water taps that give a lifeline to helpless people living in Zimbabwe.

Practical Action offers low cost, appropriate and small-scale development solutions for people around the world in a bid to help them help themselves. The day has been perfectly placed mid-way through the festive period of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The organisation has so far launched projects in developing countries with offices in Nepal, Bangladesh, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Sri Lanka and Peru. The team of 700 give aid to around 1 million people every year by helping them find solutions to a life of poverty.

Team member, Emily Nash said: “#GivingTuesday is in its first year in the UK and is a reaction to the consumerism of Black Friday & Cyber Monday. It is running US-wide and is supported by Facebook, Mashable, Sony, The UN Foundation, Gates Foundation & various other large US companies.”

givingtuesday2 1024x94 What are you giving on #GivingTuesday?

Get involved @ #Thanksgiving

Social networking has been the predominant driving point of Giving Tuesday in the UK along with heavyweight support from social media players including Facebook. Follow the team at #GivingTuesday to help raise awareness by taking part in the currently trending two day conversation, or by donating online and investing in low cost clever solutions to poverty.

Intrigued Brits can either visit for more information, or alternatively go live on Twitter @GivingTues. To donate directly visit the Practical Presents website where you can purchase one of many lifesaving gifts ranging from ducks to cut down overflows in flood-sodden Bangladesh to solar-panelled systems to help give power to a Peruvian family.

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  • Chris Rodriguez

    We’re excited to participate in #GivingTuesday at Tykoon ( ). We’re raising awareness about the growing number of homeless youth in NYC.

    Please be sure that you all give something today – whether it’s actual goods, or money, or time, or a social media post, or even just a smile!

  • immiscibility

    I work for a charity, and regularly volunteer, donate and use other charity-based things such as donating and buying from charity shops. My contribution this week has been to a number of “wishes” on the UK-based micro-giving site,, which helps real people with real needs. While I do give to national charities, it’s also nice to see how I can help someone personally!

  • big m

    Not a single f@#k

  • jimmyjitt

    check this out – why only do it once a year – how about every day –

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