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SPOILERS: Do not read this if you have not seen episode 9, series 2 of ‘Homeland’

After last week’s rather disappointing episode, which tested the patience of many with its ludicrous sex scene and increasingly tenuous and tedious storyline, the series really needed to get back on track.

Fortunately this weekend’s slice of Homeland did just that and for perhaps the first time in the series managed to introduce a genuinely surprising and interesting plot twist.

Just as it seemed things were settling into a rather formulaic and endless pattern, usually at some point involving Claire Danes making her now trademark sad trout face, this week provided a much-needed injection of intrigue to proceedings.

Any concerns for Brody’s health were quickly cast aside when he appeared alive and well early in the episode, dropped off by Abu Nazir more with the look of a child after a particularly raucous sleepover than a man who’d spent the night with the world’s most wanted terrorist. Although sadly for America, Nazir’s apparent switch from wearing glasses to contact lenses didn’t seem to have dampened either his fundamentalist zeal or his lust for destruction.

While the Brody family were moved to a plush CIA safe house, everyone’s favourite surveillance duo – Virgil and his nerdy but effective brother – were busy breaking into a mystery flat, which later turned out to belong to Quinn. The unexpected discovery that not only had Saul been investigating his own colleague but that it might actually be with good reason was a clever plot twist particularly with Quinn’s motives remaining unknown until the very dramatic ending of the episode.

Considering how regularly the rest of the Brody family are involved in things and how close he theoretically is to the action, it is amazing how Chris still manages to have barely any impact whatsoever on the series.

However despite the fact that he remains one of the least used characters in any series I’ve ever seen, he doesn’t let it affect the gusto with which he delivers his lines. Although this week’s excited interjection of “There’s TVs in every room!” was ultimately never really going to be able to compete with last episode’s seminal “We’re five points up on Miami!”

Getting back to more crucial elements of the episode, it was interesting to see that when Brody explained Abu Nazir’s plot, he failed to mention that he prayed with him. This and the ease with which Brody seemed to get out of his sticky situation with Nazir ensure that we once again can’t be entirely sure that Brody is trustworthy, which is a reassuring sign of things being set up for a thrilling end to the series.

However aside from the well signposted rekindling of Mike and Jessica’s relationship, the most important aspect of the episode was the introduction of the idea that Quinn has been planted into the team for a secret purpose under the instruction of the mysterious Dar Adal.

While Brody’s information led to the terrorist plot being foiled, the ease with which it was done as well as the failure to capture Abu Nazir (as well as the fact that there are three more episodes in the series) mean it increasingly looks like being a decoy move – and one which has blown Brody’s cover.

All in all things are looking fairly bleak for the red-headed ex-marine, who as well as bearing the strain of keeping various secrets from almost everyone in the series, is now in serious danger of being assassinated by the CIA. This exciting twist was fairly unexpected and made for a thrilling end to the episode. It has also certainly added a new dimension to proceedings, which mean that we look set for a thrilling final three episodes.

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  • Richard Matz

    It was going to take a really good episode to keep me tuned in after last weeks formulaic tosh, but I think they’ve managed it

  • Edifice

    I’ve lost the plot but I’d tune in with the hope of another ’scene’ with the gorgeous Jessica.

  • Aleph1

    Not sure why I watch this series; the direction is unbelievably rubbish, about 6-8 episodes too long and quite unashamedly racist. The er.. ‘view’ last night was quite nice though!

  • Thomas Witcomb

    Racism in the series, tick (though as Saul helpfully points out early on in the season, profiles exist for a reason [this is not a reflection on this commenter's socio-political opinions]).

    Unintentionally ironic sexism in Aleph1’s comment…tick.

  • LeftistsAreEvil

    Racist for portraying a religion accurately?

    I see.

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