Review of Misfits – Series 4, Episode 6

Neela Debnath

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SPOILERS: Do not read this if you have not seen episode 6, series 4 of ‘Misfits’

Follow the white rabbit or not – this week was the second episode in the new era of Misfits and it was marked by quite a scary foe.

Just like the episode involving Lola, where instead of having a power she was changed in another way by the storm, the drug-induced hallucinations of Richard Saunders (Alex Austin) became a nightmarish reality. He could not control the hallucinations in the way that some of the others can harness their powers, with fatal consequences.

There was something even reminiscent of Trainspotting with the hallucinations. However, while Renton’s visions are all in his head, these ones weren’t. The simple message seemed to be: don’t do drugs unless you want to be chased down and bludgeoned to death by a giant murderous bunny in a suit, wielding a golf club.

The storm is a brilliant device as the catch-all explanation for all the weirdness on the show and it is great because it means there are no limits to the creativity. The twisted Alice in Wonderland touches worked a treat as well. In some ways the flat where the wake was taking place felt like the ‘real’ world while everything else outside there felt like Wonderland.

Each week the cinematography looks fantastic and this week it has outdone itself again however, it still feels like there is something missing on the show in general. Perhaps a lot of it is down to the fact that there is too much testosterone flying about, Jess is after all the sole female lead. There have been times so far in this series when everything has felt far too crude and puerile without the wit.

Hopefully, with the introduction of Abbey (Natasha O’Keeffe), the kooky, boozy girl who ended up in the bathtub and bears a passing resemblance to Kelly, there will be more of a balance. She is a bit off-the-wall but there is a sense that she is smarter than she seems on first appearances, she did after all take out the psychotic white rabbit with a screwdriver.

In other news the audience discovered that Alex ‘from the bar’ is not gay as was previously suggested by Finn. In actual fact he had his manly parts stolen by a woman who wanted to be a man. It explains his actions at the end of last week – it turns out that he isn’t just randomly going around forcing men to show him their penises in some sort of bizarre act more likely to be committed by an overly sexually repressed Victorian. He is genuinely looking for his genitals.

In the Misfits universe, Alex’s condition is nothing new, what with Curtis’ gender bending powers and Rudy nearly losing his bits last year through a superpower sexually transmitted disease. Now that Jess does know the truth and still cares about him, there is still no reason why they can’t sleep together. If Nathan can get frisky with an octogenarian masquerading as a twenty-something, only to be transformed back into an old woman mid-coitus, why shouldn’t Alex and Jess get together?

Next time on Misfits… The quest for Alex’s appendage continues after this week’s revelation. 

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  • Afcotuna

    The fact that after a whole week none has commented on this I think sums up how far the show has fallen from grace. This was a better episode than some this series but there really isn’t enough of a sense of all encompassing plot. While the storm does account for the weird goings on, the show seems to be underusing it in my mind. The past powers were just more substantial, now they are a bit feeble. I know they are trying to show that the storm giveth and takes away… but that was always true with the first series powers based on character traits. Misfits isn’t what it once was… and it makes me sad.

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