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John Rentoul

dog 300x245 Rentouls Little Shop of Stocking PresentsJust what someone needs for Christmas. The book Questions To Which The Answer Is No. Just to remind you what it is about, here is a question asked by New Zealand television:

Can you teach a dog to drive?

Number 885 in my series, spotted by Paddy Briggs, who has already won a signed copy of the book. There are four more to win, so keep the QTWTAIN coming in. Meanwhile, buy a copy for your mother.

And there is also The Banned List. Still available. Just to remind you of the idea, here are the latest 10 words and phrases prohibited by the Committee:

1. “Send a message”, about drugs, crime, anti-social behaviour but never about your 100th birthday. Drawn to the attention of the authorities by Ian McRobert.

2. “The rest is history.” Graham Bett. Even worse is: “and the rest, as they say, is history”. Edmund W.

3. Cojones. Andy Charlwood. (Covered by the general ban on foreign words, but worth a special mention of its own.)

4. “Normal service has been resumed.” Mark Easton.

5. “Took to Twitter.” Tom Hamilton. And “to tweet out”. Francesca Smith.

6. Wrong, or anything else, “on so many levels”. Tom King: It is always [x] on one rather obvious level.

7. Gaffe. Real Witan.

8. “Facepalm.” Aly Duncan.

9. “If [x] didn’t exist, [y] would have to invent it.” Tom Chivers.

10. “Repurposing.” Nathan Goode.

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