Are Hobbits Blue Labour?

John Rentoul

hobbit 300x200 Are Hobbits Blue Labour?Joe Oliver wins a signed copy of Questions To Which The Answer Is No for spotting this fine double example of the form:

Is the Shire one nation? Are hobbits blue Labour?

It was asked by Ian Stewart at Labour Uncut. As Politics and Tea commented, the whole film needs rewriting, with Gandalf played by Maurice Glasman: “At the end of the film, Smaug is convinced to move to a new mountain which has a tougher penal policy and the local council has greater control over local decision making.”

This week’s second winner is Charles Barry, who spotted this question asked by the BBC about Norway:

Could the secret of the country’s success be connected to local appetite for exceedingly smelly fish?

Those are, then, numbers 886 and 887 in my series. Keep the QTWTAIN coming in. Two more signed copies of the book to be won next week.

Photograph of Peter Jackson, director: Getty

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  • creggancowboy

    Is John Justice a hobbit? Is Blair Supporter one as well?

  • SilentHunter

    Blair Supporter? LOL Is he still alive? ;o)

    My old sparring partner at the Grauniad until they forgot about allowing Free Speech on their laughably entitled . . . “Comment is Free”.

  • Spitefuel

    Rentoul to make apologist statement in defence of the mass murder of hobbits in the Shire as his master Blair… sorry Saruman … commands it.

  • Whiffle

    about these competitions.

    What do you have to do to not to receive a copy of “Questions to which the answer is no”

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