New YouTube redesign unveiled, with a focus on subscriptions and original content

Alex Masters

youtuve 300x225 New YouTube redesign unveiled, with a focus on subscriptions and original contentGoogle are currently rolling out a brand new YouTube redesign, which is making its way to desktop and mobile browsers around the world as we speak. The new YouTube appearance takes design cues from the latest mobile app layout, combining it with aspects of Google+’s user interface. The end result is a more seamless experience across the desktop and mobile platforms.

The new design is crisp, clean and far less cluttered than previous iterations of YouTube. It really does feel more like a central hub for all your YouTube activity, far more so than it did in the past. Subscription updates, viewing history, playlists, and the extremely useful ‘Watch Later’ list, are all clearly laid out in the left hand column, which elegantly hides itself from view when you’re concentrating on the video content in the centre of the page.

There are many small tweaks to icons, buttons, menu layouts and colour schemes across the entire YouTube experience. Each change is small and subtle, so much so that you’ll likely not even notice a lot of the changes, but the combined result of each small design update is immediately apparent when viewing the entire site as a whole.

“Subscribing to channels is just like adding your favourite shows to your DVR. Once you subscribe, those channels and all of your favourite videos will be delivered to you wherever you like to watch, whether it’s on your phone, tablet, TV or desktop.” –

youtube 300x100 New YouTube redesign unveiled, with a focus on subscriptions and original contentGoogle are really pushing the channel subscription features of YouTube with these new updates, and combined with their continuing efforts to provide an extensive array of exclusive original content, YouTube could be the key to Google’s success if they ever manage to succeed in the set-top-box market with Google TV.

What do you think of YouTube’s new design? Let us know in the comments below

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  • LJR

    I haven’t complained about any spelling mistakes, Frances.

    I can appreciate your sensitivity regarding all things grammar, however, since the disappearance of your caps-lock key. I do hope you’ve reported it to the police.

  • Tope Adeniyi

    I’ve been a regular youtube user for a long time now

    and I have seen youtube make several changes, which I didn’t like at first, but got used to.

    This however, is the worst redesign in youtube history and while people are going on about ‘It helps’, it really doesn’t add anything of value. It actually takes away from the experience.

    It isn’t seamless, it is clumsy. I swear sometimes, the people that do these designs, are just bored.

  • Jordan Harris

    the “extremely useful ‘Watch Later’” function is easy to access but now nearly useless in comparison to its former incarnation. part of it’s former appeal was the ability to delete videos on the fly, and not have to go find the list and delete videos en masse. the same goes for playlists.

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