Those Best Labour PMs in Full

John Rentoul

atlee statue 200x300 Those Best Labour PMs in FullIt is the time of year for lists. After my 10 most interesting politicians in the UK the other day, Kevin Maguire of the Mirror decided yesterday to list his best Labour prime ministers on Twitter for no apparent reason. There have been only six of them, and his order was:

1 Attlee 2 Wilson 3 Brown 4 Blair 5 Callaghan 6 MacDonald.

This was obviously incorrect, but some people had trouble putting their finger on the error. Nabila Ramdani said: “Would largely agree with your rating but would take out Blair completely & put Churchill instead – for the war spirit thing.”

That would be Winston Churchill, founder member of Gestapo Labour.

Fortunately, some random bloke off Twitter was able to supply the list in the right order:

1 Blair 2 Er 3 That’s it.

Although I quite liked Matthew Lumby’s:

1 Good Blair 2 Bad Blair 3 Attlee.

One of these days, I will do my “Myth of the Sainted Attlee” seminar as a blog post. But not today. Today just watch this clip of St Clem at Max Atkinson’s blog.

Photograph (left to right): Professor Peter Hennessy, Lutfur Rahman, mayor of Tower Hamlets, Clement Attlee, Peter Mandelson and Principal Professor Simon Gaskell, Queen Mary, University of London.

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  • creggancowboy

    1. Attlee, 2. McDonald. One can make a good argument that Blair & Brown are not even Labour. Wilson and Callaghan were just (cont p.9)

  • John Hall

    Should allow discrimination between e.g. Wilson II 66-70 (in his pomp) and Wilson IV Oct 74-76 (paranoiac, out of control). 1. Wilson II 2. Callaghan – I know, I know – but look at the mess he inherited. 3. Attlee – without Stafford Cripps working himself into an early grave and Bevin, I wonder just how low his star may have fallen 4. Blair – would have been higher were it not for his penchant to lie rather than present his case on its merits 5. Brown – la la land, the post was everything, policy secondary 6. MacDonald – Hard not to personify him as the first of many hypocritical traitors to the Labour movement

  • Holby18

    Save me from Kevin Maguire who does not know the meaning of impartial reporting.
    1. Tony Blair
    2. Clement Attlee
    3. Ramsey MacDonald
    4. Harold Wilson
    5. Jame Callaghan
    6. Gordon Brown

  • felix dodds

    how about most progressive leader would then be

    1. Attlee

    2. Asquith

    3. Bannerman

    4. Wilson

    5. Blair term 1

  • reformist lickspittle

    Good Blair comes near the top, Bad Blair near the bottom.

  • greggf

    “Today just watch this clip of St Clem….”

    A little more of Altee’s laconicisms and simplicity might help all those lonely Voices elsewhere.

  • James Flower

    What kind of nutters would ever consider Blair a good leader of this country? Can you people not see the incredible damage that traitor did to the very fabric of this nation? God help us if he is somebody to be applauded.

  • kgbarrett

    Sorry, but the obvious answer is 0.

  • Iain Hill

    Read Simon Jenkins. They were sons of Thatcher.

  • creggancowboy


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