Review of Misfits – Series 4, Episode 7

Neela Debnath

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SPOILERS: Do not read this if you have not seen episode 7, series 4 of ‘Misfits’

This week saw a conclusion to Alex’s ‘problem’ meanwhile mystery girl Nadine continued to elude Rudy.

So, Alex finally got his manly parts back but unfortunately he appears to have turned narcissistic, perhaps a return to the person he was before the incident? It was interesting to see the shift in Alex’s character and it felt slightly unexpected, he genuinely did seem like a nice guy, that was until he got his penis back. Poor Jess, it seems she is in for further heartbreak however Finn is far too naïve for her and her sarcastic wit. So hopefully, Finn will be her very, very last resort.

In other juvenile delinquent news, if you hadn’t noticed Abbey’s appearance in the opening title credits, then by the end of the episode there should be no doubt that she is now one of the Misfits. She is a welcome addition to the group and her kookiness is a big draw. While most people drink to forget their problems, she seems to drink to forget that she has been gifted with amnesia, courtesy of the storm.

Natasha O’Keeffe is comical as Abbey from the off, pulling a cigarette butt out of her mouth when she comes around after a drunken night. And yet she can do the more serious scenes as well. It would seem that O’Keeffe and Joe Gilgun are now the strongest members of the cast.

It is refreshing that she does not have a power and that does not hinder her character in any way. Instead it is actually quite interesting – who was she before the storm? Why would she want to forget who she was? The fact that she cannot remember who she is means that in some way she is a clean slate, her personality can change as she has no sense of self.

Aside from the introduction of Abbey, the best part of the episode was in the karaoke bar – perhaps music is a theme for this series? There was after all that moment with Jess and Rudy 3 dancing to Chris de Burgh’s Lady in Red before she killed him. The ironic use of power ballads in this series has been entertaining because they are intentionally so inappropriate. The show has not yet had a musical episode like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and perhaps it is now time that Misfits did the same?

The moment when Greg the probation started to sing initially felt a bit odd but it did work. For an instance the audience is shown his vulnerability. Although the whole sequence was a weirdly funny, the main problem with Greg’s character remains and the question is: why is he always on the verge of exploding? What is the reason for his constant fury? It is these questions that make him difficult to understand as a character and this lack of backstory is quite frustrating rather than amusing. It would be interesting to know the character’s motivations. But kudos to Sean Dooley for give such an energetic turn week in, week out.

On a tangential note, it seems impossible to escape Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s The Power of Love what with this episode and this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert.

While most of this weeek felt very average, it was toward the last quarter of the episode that things finally started to pick up both in terms of tension and drama. The scenes in the karaoke club were fantastic but apart from that the adventure felt run-of-the-mill, particularly when compared to last week with the psychotic rabbit in a suit.

Next time on Misfits… We’ve had Misfits vs. Nazis and Misfits vs. zombies, now it’s Misfits vs. nuns when the gang take on a group of holy sisters at the local church.

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  • Snakeskin

    I agree that the final act of this week’s ‘Misfits’ was a bit of a nod to ‘Buffy’, in particular the season 4 episode ‘Restless’ for me! It’s great to have that 5-person dynamic back on ‘Misfits’. It’s a balance that works well for the format of the show.

    I enjoyed Alex’s hunt for his crown jewels, and Abbey’s surrogate mother dilemma was a nice touch that showcased O’Keefe’s considerable talents.

    And I’m practically crapping my pants in anticipation of next week’s ep!

    Always look forward to reading your reviews, Neela!

  • ben magill

    There are a few mistakes in this article, which is a shame as I always look forward to reading your reaction re: the latest misfits. However, I don’t feel you give enough kudos to Greg the probation worker… his forlorn interactions with the group reek of a certain sadness, seemingly forever on the verge of a brain aneurysm. Hilarious yet chock-filled with pathos – the forbidden flirtation with Curtis, and the ‘jig on his father’s grave’ moment were particular highlights. The question mark over his character continues the mystery that surrounds many of the off-shoot characters, it probably will be addressed when Greg becomes more pivotal to the plot (which usually means he’s close to death if we go by misfits logic) but even if it isn’t, it adds to the wonder.

    Let’s just hope they don’t off him.

    For me, this season has been below-par. I felt Curtis’ death was underplayed… I mean a central character dies and nobody’s arsed whatsoever. On the whole, the first few episodes were slow and dragging but still better than most of what’s out there. Since last weeks bunny episode the season has really picked up, the introduction of new characters is much needed and hopefully next season (if there is one) it’ll carry on in this fashion. Almost feels like it’s achieving a peak that we took for granted during seasons 1 & 2.

    Anyway, bravo Sean Dooley – Looking forward to next weeks episode.

    Oh and why hasn’t the woman who forgot that she’d shagged dear old Finley been addressed, resolved or even mentioned?

  • Leah Rickards

    Don’t think she forgot. She was just pretending, ie it meant nothing.

  • Aaron Eamer

    This season has been VERY poor. There is no overall story going on. Things aren’t linked together and each storyline is generally answered within two episodes. The previous cast had stories that felt like they were planned across the entire season whereas this one has seemed like you can miss an episode or two and really not miss out on what’s happened in the general course of things. There’s been no real progression in my care for the characters and I for one as a previously big Misfits fan hope this is the final season.

  • benjitek

    As each of the original cast departs the series, it becomes worse. It’s now officially achieved ‘unbearable’ :-(

    Can’t believe there are any viewers left, much less people writing reviews about it…

  • Ethan

    This week’s episode was just really uninvolving.

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