Austerity comes home to Osborne

Andy McSmith
osborne getty 300x225 Austerity comes home to Osborne

Campaign posters of George Osborne in Knutsford in 2010 (Getty Images)

In Manchester and Liverpool you can still find Conservative Clubs open for business, though it has a long time since any part of either city has been represented by a Conservative MP or even a Conservative councillor, and yet there is no longer a viable Conservative Club in Knutsford, 10 miles outside Manchester, though it is located in one of the safest Tory seats in the country, where the local MP is George Osborne, no less.

Osborne’s constituency office has been sharing a building with the once popular Knutsford Conservative Club, but the Knutsford Guardian reports that it hit hard times and has closed its doors for the last time. “With the economic climate, social drinking has gone down,” moaned the club’s last chairman, Brian Fisher. The fact that Osborne put up the price of a pint by 5p in his March budget will not have helped.

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