Cameron’s after lunch slip

Andy McSmith
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David Cameron livened up his talk to the Press Gallery lunch in the Commons with a joke about his long delayed and still awaited speech on the question of whether there should be a referendum on the UK’s relationship with the EU.

It is a “tantric” speech, he said – it will be good when it comes. Then later he fell victim to the ridiculous modern trap that requires prime ministers to pretend to be just like the rest of us.

Asked whether he had voted to keep Nadine Dorries in the jungle during her brief appearance on I’m a Celebrity, he thought it politic to say no – but then his internal radar warned him that it would not do to sound sniffy about reality television, so he embarked on a story about how he had once voted once, for Will Young, because his daughter told him to.

It took only a few minutes for the story to fall apart, as a quick check established that Will Young won Pop Idol in 2002, while Cameron’s daughter was not born until 2004. If Margaret Thatcher had been asked a question like that she would not even have pretended to know what reality television is. And no one would have dared even suggest that she make a joke about ejaculation.

  • Guest

    “Who is Gazza?”

  • Marc Peters

    It would seem lying comes naturally to this Rt. Hon. He took an oath at the Leveson

    inquiry….I wonder just how truthful it was, coming from a profound and notorious liar.

  • MuffinTheMule

    Why do the British people keep electing downright liars as their leaders? This man is so shallow he has to lie about something as irrelevant as whether he knows anything about reality television programmes. If he lies about such a thing, what monstrous dishonesties will he be willing to commit over important things, like an EU referendum? God help this country when it gives power to people like this.

  • purpledragonalso


  • purpledragonalso

    Because those who try to tell the truth and have the facts to hand have no “charisma”. People find that factual and boring don’t sell newspapers unless portrayed with vilification.

  • kawasakiman

    Wait a minute or two….he’s just asking his daughter ;-)

  • lordylordy1

    Good story.

  • kawasakiman

    “Why do the British people keep electing downright liars as their leaders?”

    Because there is only downright liars to choose from.

    (Just for the record, I never vote…it’s too much like encouraging the b*stards)

  • Iain Hill

    Confirmation once again of his utter shallowness. Is there no constitutional procedure to rid us of a PM who is unfit for purpose?

  • bisousbisous

    Maybe he had an elder daughter but left her in a pub

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