Kwasi Kwarteng on the naughty step

Andy McSmith
Dawn Primarolo 300x225 Kwasi Kwarteng on the naughty step

Deputy speaker Dawn Primarolo (Getty Images)

Kwasi Kwarteng, Tory MP for Spelthorne has just a regal ticking off from the Deputy Speaker, Dawn Primarolo, for getting up to leave the Commons chamber straight after adding his ha’pence worth to a debate on the economy.

“Where are you going?”she demanded. “It’s usual to listen to the debate if you’ve intervened.” He sat down looking rather like the boy on the naughty step.

  • creggancowboy

    Dawn Primarolo? Same Dawn Primorolo that does not agree that rape trial defendants ought to have anonymity? Just checking.

  • $38130512

    stuck up and should be struck off

  • Pacificweather

    Clearly, not a man with the courage of his convictions. If he did not have the courage to give an honest answer he could at least have said, I am going for a sh/t madam deputy speaker.

  • SpartacusMars

    Who cares if he has convictions or not? What does it matter what he thinks?

    All important debates are decided by the Prime Ministerial think-tank team. MPs are whipped to vote in almost everything they do in The House.

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