Cameron: “We are raising money for the rich”

Andy McSmith

David Cameron made a revealing slip of the tongue at Prime Minister’s Questions today.

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  • Ninth Legion

    Slip of the tongue? No, an unguarded moment and a rare admission.

  • Jayarava

    Why is there no link to the “on line” [sic] version of Hansard?

  • aleeve
  • creggancowboy

    Medevedev “Aliens among us” Lebedev “fires Jody McIntyre” it all fits together Andy…

  • fwdinsight

    If the rich leave with their entrepreneurial abilities what are we going to all work for the government? I witnessed this in Mozambique. When the revolution occurred the fishing fleet sank at its mooring, the harbor cranes fell into the sea because of corrosion, the once active factories lay idle and the formerley full hotels were empty. The economy crashed to less than 5% of the GDP it was before the Samora Michelle revolution After five years they begged South Africans to come back to resurrect the whole edifice.
    Maybe Britain has to learn the truth that Britain needs the movers and shakers, not more debilitating laws. YahwehnewsCom

  • Mysterio Monkie

    To have “movers and shakers” you need growth. Crooks, like Camerons family, were not good in business, they are just thieves that exploit people. The economic situation has been caused by the stupidity of deregulation and the large number of super rich people that avoid tax and gambled cash they didn’t actually have. Genuine employers will not leave, it’s the ones that contribute nothing that shift their businesses

  • Cyclops

    The rich paid considerably less tax under New Liebore and Gordon Brown’s banker mates were gifted billions after their illegal warmongering. Thank God that the Tories are going after all the tax evaders that thrived under Blair. Three Labour MPs jailed for corruption, another let off the hook by pleading insanity (Margaret MoroN) and another one about to go down for theft (MacShane). You presumably vote UKIP because only a child of incest would vote Labour again!

  • Yoolander

    Smooth, polished and able to promote a positive “spin” as you would expect from a PR man – until he gets rattled, red faced and….on this one occasion – honest!!! LoL.

  • Firozali A.Mulla

    YES AND SEE WAHT IS HAPPENING Are we really heading for FISCAL
    CLIFF??? Let us see what the net TV PRESS SAYS
    USA .. As in September, the Fed
    sought to make clear that is not responding to evidence of new economic
    problems, but instead increasing its efforts to address existing problems that
    have restrained a recovery for more than three years. The Federal
    Reserve announced plans to extend an expiring Treasury-buying program and for
    the first time adopted monetary policy thresholds.
    Recession-era graduates are facing the possibility of becoming unemployed or
    underemployed as the economy continues its jobless recovery — and the
    consequences can last a lifetime. Promises and more promises The President
    pledges to avoid the fiscal cliff… But will his plan kill jobs? Guest Orrin
    Hatch is on a must-see Cavuto! Cheaper OIL MAY BE “Global
    demand growth is expected to stay relatively sluggish through 2013, based on
    the continued assumption of tepid global economic expansion,” the
    International Energy Agency said in a monthly report. The US Federal Reserve is expected to announce a fresh round
    of bond buying on Wednesday as part of its efforts to support a fragile
    economic recovery threatened by political wrangling over the government’s
    budget. The central bank looks certain both to extend its purchases of
    mortgage-backed debt and replace another expiring stimulus program with a new
    bout of money creation. Policymakers are also likely to repeat a pledge to keep
    buying bonds until the labour market outlook improves substantially. A drop in the
    jobless rate to 7.7 percent in November from 7.9 percent in October was driven
    by workers exiting the labour force, a fact certain to disappoint the Fed. Korea
    comes back fighting… Fresh off its successful rocket launch, a defiant North
    Korea released new images and control room footage of the feat which the U.S.
    and other nations have labelled a “provocative” act. When we read the
    above there is definitely a need for a change a real change some one said. We
    have problems leaking from our money bags from all sides I thank you Firozali
    A.Mulla DBA

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