How much would Bag End cost to buy?

Alex Johnson

The Hobbit Bag End Door How much would Bag End cost to buy?

According to movoto – the genius folk who also worked out how much Bruce Wayne’s country house would be on the market – it’s $1,330,000 for what they estimate to be 4,500sq ft of space including a large updated kitchen, lots of pantries and a potato garden… Their infographic is below and you can read more about the particulars and sale history at their blog.

Hobbit+House How much would Bag End cost to buy?

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  • VicTheBrit

    Of course Bag End wouldn’t suit anyone over 4ft 6in tall. Similar to Japanese houses in fact, where the average door frame height is between 175 and 180cm.

  • disquschester

    How many houses are called ‘Bag End’? (There’s one in Gainsborough. there must be others)

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