How to keep warm this winter

keeping warm 300x225 How to keep warm this winterFifty per cent of over 55s are not intending on giving big jumpers, socks, gloves or scarfs to their loved ones in 2012, according to the results of a new survey conducted by Censuswide. However, the survey of 1,020 people revealed that it is now the younger generation who are looking to say ‘Merry Christmas’ with a sock or two.

Over 80 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds admitted to planning on treating their loved ones to layers of winter woolies this year, whilst just over one third of 25 to 34-year-olds will be flexing their jumper wrapping skills during the festive period.

As the temperature drops to as low as minus nine in some parts of the UK this week, it’s been discovered that just under a third of Brits are planning on giving socks to their loved ones this Christmas.

The research, also asked about the lengths people would go to in their homes in an attempt to survive the colder months. Lying under a blanket on the sofa, sitting with a pet on your lap or stealing all of the covers from a partner once they are asleep are all popular ways of keeping warm this winter. One in three women surveyed admitted that they were more likely to put their cold feet on a loved one in bed to feel warmer and some even said they’d cuddle up to someone they didn’t really like.

The survey, commissioned by Polypipe Home Solutions, found that men are also set to get closer to their partner to feel cosy – with many admitting they’ll be wearing their partner’s socks around the home in an effort to keep warm. Surprisingly, it seems our feet are at the root cause of our winter woe, with over 40 per cent of people surveyed complaining about frosty toes.

Alarmingly, it seems that men would rather their feet were smelly than cold, regardless of the effect it might have on their partner, with some admitting that they wear their favourite socks around the home up to 10 times before washing them. Cold feet are set to be a particular concern this winter, with over 30 per cent of women planning to buy loved ones cosy socks for Christmas this year.

And despite not complaining as much about the cold, men see keeping warm as a priority, with 32 per cent saying that jumpers are on their list of presents to buy those close to them this year. Amongst the most popular winter woollens on Christmas lists were gloves, hot water bottles, scarfs, hats and hand warmers.

It seems that stocking up on winter woollies should save a lot of cross words over the colder months ahead. As the temperature drops, it seems that homeowners will go to unusual levels to beat the cold. Not being warm enough can often be the main cause friction in an otherwise happy household, so it is no wonder winter woollies are often a popular Christmas gift.

Another popular alternative to warming up in your home is to fit underfloor heating. Unlike radiators, modern systems can give out an even, ambient temperature helping to ensure you’re feet remain warm and your living space is that much more comfortable. The survey found that one in three of us aspire to have underfloor heating in our homes, and with so many chilly tales from the British public, it’s no huge surprise!

Top five ways to keep warm this winter:

1. Wear a partner’s socks

2. Steal your partner’s bed covers

3. Wear a scarf and hat inside the house

4. Put your feet on a loved one in bed to warm up your toes

5. Cuddle up to someone you don’t like

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