Can you teach a baby to read?

John Rentoul

baby 300x161 Can you teach a baby to read?Spotted by Rob W. He probably didn’t know he was entering a competition, but he has won a signed copy of Questions To Which The Answer Is No.

Honourable mentions for Les Newby, who suggested the headline for the next day’s follow-up news story, “Migrant BABY spelling CRISIS”, and for Ian McKenzie, who pointed out that the real answer is: “It depends on the time you take to do the teaching.”

The 10th and final winner of the QTWTAIN competition is JP, who spotted this gem, asked by Eric Barker on a blog called Barking Up the Wrong Tree:

If you want to live longer should you give alcoholism a try?

Congratulations to the lucky winners. Theirs are numbers 888 and 889 in my series of Questions To Which The Answer Is No. The book can be bought here or downloaded here. Get your Christmas presents now.

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