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John Rentoul

dc 300x199 Dave, SimplifiedThe Prime Minister praised the European Commission for deregulation at his news conference in Brussels this morning. In the middle of a 216-word sentence, he also urged the Commission to use words people can understand:

The second thing that I think is notable about this European Council is further progress on my obsessions with the Single Market, deepening the Single Market, protecting the integrity of the Single Market, which is now absolutely written like a stick of rock through all of the conclusions that we now sign up to, and I think some progress today on deregulation, getting the European Commission to deregulate, to scrap regulations is something I’ve long wanted to do and for the first time, I think, as far as I can remember in Council conclusions it talks about scrapping regulations that are no longer necessary and using that work – I think it is time we wrote into some of our conclusions in Europe words that people tend to understand and grab hold of and I think businesses up and down not just Britain but up and down Europe will welcome the fact that the Commission is looking into scrapping some of its own regulation and I insisted on a report back in March at the Council meeting then so we can make some real progress taking regulations off business in terms of what the Commission does, not just asking individual countries as they rightly do to look at our own deregulation, which we will continue to do.

Another world-beating transcript from the brilliant Labour Media Monitoring Unit.

Photograph: AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert

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  • greggf

    Is the very long sentence intended to clarify something, or an oxymoron?

  • frances smith

    i’m confused, not just by the length of the sentence but what’s in it. cameron says he is obsessed by the single market, and then complains about over regulation, but i thought a lot of that regulation was in the creation of a single market.

    proving, i think, that its not just the words you chose, that matter, but the way you use them.

  • Toocleverbyhalf

    Has he been taking lessons from Neil Kinnock perhaps?!

    No one wants lots of regulation but the problem is how can a single market ever be sustained without a goodly dose of it? The history of “free trade” in our world is one of short-lived agreements which soon collapsed once one side thought the other was cheating.

  • Pacificweather

    The – was clearly a transcription error. I reads like a full stop. No matter, either way it makes not an ounce of sense. You don’t send your child to Eton to learn English.

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