Video: The next Usain Bolt?

Is this Australian boy the fastest 12-year-old in the world? James Gallaugher was videoed running 100 metres in 11.72 seconds after catching up with a competitor who was 20m ahead in a relay race. He goes on to beat his rival by another 20m in the New South Wales primary school championships 4×100 metres.

The feat brings back memories of Alan Oliviera coming from behind to beat 200m world record holder Oscar Pistorius at this year’s Paralympics. As Eurosport pointed out, James would have won the gold medal if he had been running in the 1896 Olympics.

It is hard to work out whether he has broken a world record, but some are already calling him the next Usain Bolt.

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  • Andrew Ryan

    I think you’re right about that, as this 12 year old looks about 2 years older in height and build compared to the rest of the runners. I too was a big child at 12-13 years old i was about 6 feet tall and about 12 stone, now i’m 24 years old i’m 6″2 and about 13 stone . so this kid is probably just very close to his adult build now.

  • TheBandyDandy

    Racial profiling there by “Ivor Biggun” (and don’t all the white girls know it).

  • axoctl

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