Barking Blondes: Robbie Williams, pooches on planes and sea travel

Joanne Good and Anna Webb

barking 300x225 Barking Blondes: Robbie Williams, pooches on planes and sea travelAllow us to indulge a little. This week we interviewed Robbie Williams. He was at the BBC to do a sound check for his single CANDY on the Ken Bruce show in preparation for his live performance on Radio 2 later that night.

Unbelievably (actually, it was all down to a top bloke called Steve), we were invited into the radio theatre, as part of a select group, to watch the sound check followed by a chat with Ken, before going back to Robbie’s dressing room for our own interview.

As a pair of ageing rock chicks we were both wearing shorts with thick tights and were pogoing about to the band, on the same carpet where just a month before we’d been watching Radio 4’s Just A Minute!

Observing the smooth style of Ken Bruce and knowing we can appear to be a bit  “full on”, we went back to Robbie’s dressing room determined to behave calm and in control. And so we were. Until we got onto the subject of dogs. Robbie has seven, a whole pack and he speaks of each one of them with as much pride as he does his daughter.

Animated with his eyes lit up, he enthusiastically described how he has brought two of them over to London with him from LA. One is a Havanese, Wally and the other is a Maltipoo called Pupette.

‘Did they make them travel in the hold?’ we asked, knowing this is always a risk, what with temperatures etc.

‘No,’ he grinned, thanks to an Antipodean airline, they sat in carriers, on comfy seats next to him and his wife.

“How?” we asked, “did you  manage to swing that? Is it because you are Robbie Williams?”

He laughed, you need to prove that having dogs with you is essential for your mental stability he told us.

Well anyone who knows the two of us will vouch for that. Imagine what we would be like without our dogs by our side? As anyone will tell you who is fortunate enough to have a pack, Robbie gets to see the true personality of each of his dogs. One of them he calls “Studio dog” because he takes him to most of his recording sessions and another is a sturdy little Jack Russell who incredibly survived a rattle snake bite!

So on a wet, miserable Wednesday morning we indulged in live music and the most enjoyable and relaxed dog chat from Robbie Williams. None of that would have happened without our love of dogs. The dog world is a great big party. We think he enjoyed it too as later that day he tweeted: ‘Just had the best radio interview ever with BBC London, Barking At The Moon, about dogs’.

If you are planning on travelling with your dog this Christmas and you can’t get permission for them to sit next to you there is always sea travel. The Queen Mary has a dog deck with an exercise area, complete with a doggy lamp post. Or of course there is air travel and usually that means being put in the hold. But remember, temperatures along with air pressure can be very risky, especially to flat faced breeds. Don’t forget to micro chip before you leave – dogs abroad can easily get lost.


‘Barking at the Moon’ is on every Thursday from 3pm on BBC London 94.9fm

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  • 5brian5

    Happy Holidays Ladies! As always, I enjoyed reading your great blog as I did your interview with Robbie Williams on BBC London. Robbie sounds like a very empathic and dedicated dog lover, like the two of you. I enjoyed listening to his music, and of course the two of you chatting with him. Regarding snake bites, did you see the video of the golden lab that got bitten by a poisonous snake in America. The poor dog was lucky to have survived. Its face was swollen up like a large melon. The presenter of the piece said that the doctors expected the dog to make a full recovery. Snakes can be dangerous. That lucky dog was blessed! Have a great week! Thanks, Brian (Detroit)

  • Kate Itchy Dog

    Loving your new afternoon show. I can listen while I work instead of on
    ‘listen again’ Robbie makes a good point too, dogs are great for mental
    stability. For just making you feel good in general. Loved the
    interview. Keep it up Woof Woof!

  • MrReasons2BCheerful

    I LOVE your new time slot, Jo and Anna, and although I’m not a fan of Mr Williams’ music, what a coup for you both!! Sometimes you just know when that Diane Von Furstenburg dress isn’t the right outfit!!
    With both of you on the case oozing your easy charm, did you by any chance manage to get “wor Robbie” to do a song especially for the show, à la Jive Aces?

    Sorry I missed my chance to speak to Rupert Sheldrake about Bruno’s ability to somehow know-where-he’s-going (although he’s never been there sort of thing…) but Anna, you were brilliant!
    Can we ask Mr Robey to extend the show for Thursdays to allow for a good two hour slot like it used to be?

  • Haze/EPP

    Hi Gals! Fabulous interview and never knew Robbie Williams was such a dog lover or that he has 7 dogs
    Wow! Doggy Heaven! Love listening to your show and new time slot, you are doing a fabulous job xxx
    Merry Christmas & a very happy, healthy, lucky 2013
    Woof! Woof!

  • $38130512

    you ‘indulge’ all the time. Most of us are struggling with an inept government, trying to keep our heads above water, literally, and the boring sweep of media inanities.

  • SarahGodfrey

    I can’t believe you managed to meet Robbie Williams!! You really have made it. So jealous!!! Think he should definitely be a regular every time he comes back to the UK. Good point about the air travel, not enough people know the risks (both mental and physical) involved. Love you ladies!!!

  • danieldiver

    Brilliant – well done ladies!

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