What is the premium for buying a house near a top golf course?

Alex Johnson

591c94c90f49f9fb6ea6561b530149541c32c317 300x201 What is the premium for buying a house near a top golf course?Golfers looking to buy a home close to one of Britain’s top golf courses can expect to pay a premium of £95,000 compared to the national average house price, according to figures compiled by

The research suggests that the average asking price of all homes on the market near Britain’s 50 top ranked golf courses is £265,000 (compared to the national average of £170,000).

The most expensive location is near Walton Heath golf course (KT20) where the average property on the market costs £541,000. Second is the area around Wentworth golf course (GU25) where the average asking price is £457,000, followed by properties near Sunningdale golf course (SL5) at £446,000.

Properties near top golf courses also appear to have been a good investment in recent years. While average house prices across Britain have remained largely unchanged since 2010, property values around Britain’s top 50 golf courses have risen by an average of 7% .

In Scotland, average property asking prices near St. Andrews golf course (KY16) are £215,000 while those near Western Gailes golf course (KA11) offer top value for golf lovers at £119,000.

Lawrence Hall of, said: “For golf enthusiasts, living next door to one of Britain’s top courses can cost a significant premium, but for true lovers of the game it may seem well worth the price. However it is possible to live near a world-class course without breaking the bank – it’s just a matter of knowing where to look.”

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  • jamie

    What is the premium for buying a house near a top golf course..?


  • Ian Britton

    Why – even if you move near a course (and we looked at a few) the plus points are no-one will ever build a load of flats / houses on it.

    But however close you are it’s still mandatory to drive to the course, you’re not going to walk to the club are you?

    maybe it’s the number of balls you’ll be able to pick out of your garden and re-sell.

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