The solo sailing blog: Heading in the right direction again

Alex Thomson

alex1 300x225 The solo sailing blog: Heading in the right direction againAfter sailing east to catch cyclone Claudia, it is nice to finally be heading in the right direction again, a small thing but it makes a difference as I have not been able to do that for some time.

I am currently sailing towards this low pressure system in westerly winds which will move back to the south in half a day before eventually settling back to the west again. The southerly wind will be very cold and I have prepared all my winter clothes.

Conditions have changed considerably since yesterday, I am currently sailing in 23-36 knots of wind with a very disorganised sea. I am struggling to make the boat go fast as when I’m sailing, she constantly buries her nose deep into every wave we go down, I’m constantly submitted in water. I have to be prudent but am very aware that Bernard’s boat with her fat bow will have less trouble in these conditions than I am having. But c’est la vie! When the waves become more organised I will be able to increase sail and go faster but the last thing I need right now is another problem.

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