Video: Chinese man invents apocalypse survival pods

Fionna McLauchlan

According to the Mayan calendar the world is going to end on Friday. Fortunately, Chinese inventor Liu Qiyuan has designed apocalypse pods to save humanity from disaster.

Based on Noah’s Ark, the pods are waterproof and designed to float in the event of flooding. Qiyuan, a furniture-maker from just outside Beijing, even claims that they can withstand the destruction of an earthquake or a tsunami.

Designed to hold 30 people for up to two months, he has built seven pods, costing him 30,000 US dollars for the whole project.

Mr Qiyuan believes that his pod-like structures could be the answer to disaster survival but unfortunately for him his idea doesn’t appear to have caught on as he’s still searching for buyers for all seven capsules.

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  • Arbeitsschu

    According to the Mayan calendar the world is going to end on Friday.’ No, it isn’t. I quote: ‘An inscription on a temple in the great city of Palenque discusses events that are scheduled to take place in the year AD 4772.’ Tom Holland, a proper grown-up historian, Sat 15th Dec.

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