Grime pioneer Marcus Nasty talks hot tips for 2013 and boat parties

Emma Gritt

marcusnasty 300x225 Grime pioneer Marcus Nasty talks hot tips for 2013 and boat partiesAfter a hectic few years heading up grime’s boundary pushing Nasty Crew, DJ Marcus Nasty is now finding himself a whole new kind of busy. In between pushing new genres (UK funky and jacking house), hosting a weekly radio show on Rinse FM, running a label and raising roofs at raves across the UK, his day-to-day life seems to be a homage to staying motivated and keeping an eye on the proverbial prize.

Luckily he had spare few minutes to talk about an exciting gig he’s playing at on Saturday, the Urban Nerds Christmas Party, which is being held on the MS Stubnitz. He’s one of the London bass brand’s residents and while he has played an Urban Nerds boat party before, it certainly didn’t take place on a 2,541 tonne ex-Soviet fishing ship turned cultural centre.

You’re tremendously busy, how do you relax? And what will you be doing at Christmas?
I relax by listening to my old shows and going to the gym – mostly at the same time. For Christmas I’m gonna be the ultimate pagan/scrooge and once again stay in bed for the second year running.

Were you ever tempted to change your name to Marcus Nice for December to entice Santa to give you more gifts?

Ha ha, never considered it but it’s a good idea as he has never given me s**t and signing my gift list as Marcus NASTY probably didn’t help!

Between your residency at Urban Nerds and your Rinse show and *everything* in between, you must be aware of some future music trends for 2013. What should readers keep an eye out for?

My prediction for 2013 is the rise of jacking house/bass and UK music as a whole, taking over even more of the planet. All of the UK dance music genres from past and present are carrying the flag for UK music at the moment, so [I] can’t really point out a particular genre. Simply put, if you are a DJ play what you like and if you are a raver, you already know what you like.

How do you prepare for your radio show compared to a live show? It must be challenging to create a set without having an immediate audience response.

On radio I play really upfront music and the same for raves and events. Most of the time, it’s just off the top of my head.

What’s been your most treasured moment of 2012?

My most treasured moment of 2012 has to be arriving for the Urban Nerds boat party at the Outlook Festival via a police boat.

Wow and you’re back on a boat this weekend. Do you have sea legs?

I’m so excited I started queuing a week ago! I don’t mind the sea or being in boats, but what I do mind is loads of drunk people on a boat. That scares the hell outta me especially as I can’t swim too great…

Can you name a few artists and events to keep an eye out for next year?

MC Shantie has been doing some big collaborations in 2012 with the likes of Rudimental, Andy J and ST and DJ Pantha. Plus he also shares a show with me on Rinse FM. I’d also suggest keeping an ear out for Lorenzo, Hannah Wants and Barely Legal, who are all from Birmingham, and Royal T from Southampton. Huddersfield’s DJ Q was poached early by 1Xtra but possibly too early as since he has left he has made some BIG waves, and Sunday Roast & Jook 10 from Reading. They reinvented FUNKY for me and now we have BASS, love them lads.

Artists I would say Lil Nasty and Griminal, they’re both my little brothers and have been in the limelight for some time. I stayed out of it [their careers] for a while because I personally didn’t think they were ready but what I hear when I go to my mum’s house on a Sunday has made me kick myself for ever doubting them.

Events-wise, without a doubt Urban Nerds and also my Marcus Nasty presents which will be a live broadcast of my Rinse FM show once a month from Vibe Bar in Brick Lane, Shoreditch. Also, 2:31 at the Rainbow Warehouse in Birmingham.

You were a forefather of UK Funky and now I hear you’re pushing a new sound called ‘Jacking’. Is it aurally similar to the jacking house sounds that came out of Detroit about 25 years ago?

It is very similar and takes the same jacking house formula as the original Chicago sound but is it infused with the bassline from other UK genres. I am absolutely loving this stuff at the moment.

When you were growing up what music did you like listening to?

I grew up in a Jamaican household and was forced to listen to reggae, roots, studio 1, dancehall and all kinds of other music so when I first got to hear a bit of the UK stuff, hardcore then jungle, I loved it and have never looked back since

What will 2013 bring you release-wise?

For 2013 I will continue to push and promote those who I see with talent who do not have the platform needed to progress. In doing so will help to advance the UK music scene at a faster rate and with it myself. I have two EP releases coming out on my label We R Bass by DJ Pantha, and another by Sunday Roast will be up for download on all the leading digital download sites.

You’ve been with the Nerds for a long time, what’s your personal highlight of being involved with them?

They helped me to get to places that I might otherwise never have reached if not for their input, my highlight is every single Urban Nerds event I have ever been to – they are always fun, always have nice people and always have good music, they are always different. There ain’t no party like an Urban Nerds party!

Catch Marcus Nasty on Rinse FM every Wednesday from 7-9pm.

Marcus Nasty plays the Urban Nerds and Desperados Christmas Party, 22nd December 2012.

For tickets click here.

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