Boris Johnson reveals his inner van Gogh

Andy McSmith
bojo 300x225 Boris Johnson reveals his inner van Gogh

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Winston Churchill was over 40 when he discovered a talent for painting. Adolf Hitler, bizarrely, was not bad painter either though he was a very bad man. Now, to that curious pantheon, we can add the name of another political leader with a hankering for the brush and easel – that of Boris Johnson.

The revelation came out unexpectedly on LBC’s Nick Ferrari programme this afternoon when a listener named Sean from Brent Cross rang in to ask London’s Mayor what he would do if he were not a politician.

There was a moment’s silence before the Mayor blurted out: “I’d like to have been a painter. There you go.” Then looking at Nick Ferrari, he added: “Stop sneering, Nick. You’re sneering. He’s sneering at my artistic pretensions!”

“No I’m not. Have you ever done any painting?” Ferrari declared

“Right, it’s too embarrassing. I’m shutting up now,” the Mayor replied.

“You have done some painting?”

“I do like painting.”

“So – landscapes?”


So, there you have it: Boris Johnson paints walls.

  • creggancowboy

    Bo JO makes me climb walls.

  • Dave Hall

    Adolf Hitler was a lousy painter , look at his work for f…. sake!

  • disqus_zOgFeI0AaS


  • subject smith

    He doesn’t even say he has done any painting, because he has probably never even painted a wall in his life

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