Most Annoying Phrases of 2012

John Rentoul

banned Most Annoying Phrases of 2012Tom Watson has asked for contributions to his 2012 list of 2012 lists, so I nominate the Chatham House World Today Most Annoying Phrases of 2012.

This list, by Jargonbuster, is obviously a subsidiary of The Banned List, published in book form last year but still a jolly good idea for a Christmas present this year for a pedant in your life.

What you will not find in the book, however, are the following, which I cannot believe I overlooked. They were drawn to my attention by Carole Dent, to whom the Committee has carried a vote of thanks.

1 puh-lease

2 must-have

3 deal-breaker

4 Not (as in “I’m so going to send him a Christmas card. Not.”)

5 so (as in same)

6 basically (time buyer at beginning of sentence)

7 bring it on

8 rule of thumb

9 take it or leave it

10 lunatics running (or taking over) the asylum

I have called for a full, independent, public inquiry, judge-led, with the power to call for papers and to interview witnesses under oath, into my failure to include these obvious no-nos in the book.

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  • oldwatcher

    The one that makes me really sick is “what is your take on this?”
    Used by so many on the media these days ……………………it makes no sense at all.

  • PaulOnBooks

    “to whom the Committee has carried a vote of thanks”

    Pompous, moi?

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