Top of the posts: Armageddon, Propaganda 2012 and Generalised anxiety disorder

Neela Debnath

20121221 300x300 Top of the posts: Armageddon, Propaganda 2012 and Generalised anxiety disorderIn preparation for the anticipated apocalypse, George Arnett produced a list of the must-haves for any end of the world scenarios, including baked beans and Marmite.

Meanwhile Kieran Turner-Dave looked at the lesser known Korean viral video Propaganda 2012 which was supposedly created by the North Korean government.

In the world of arts Charles Reynolds gave his take on the latest episode of American thriller Homeland.

From the Diary Live from Westminster Andy McSmith reported on a Bill that was introduced to the Commons to stop paying any cash at all to any claimants except those on disability benefits or the state pension.

In relation to health, Natalie Lobel wrote an insightful piece about living with Generalised anxiety disorder and shared her experiences of the condition.

While Waleed Alhusseini related his experiences of living as an atheist in the West Bank and how the non-religious are still being persecuted across the world.

Here are the most read blogs from the past week, as determined by the stats

1. The end is nigh: Five things you should stock up on for the end of the world By George Arnett

2. Video: The next Usain Bolt? By George Arnett

3. Forget ‘Gangnam Style’, North Korean ‘Propaganda’ is the real viral hit of 2012 By Kieran Turner-Dave

4. The Freedom of Thought 2012 report: the non-religious are still being persecuted By Waleed Alhusseini

5. The trouble with dribbling: Why even at Barcelona only Lionel Messi is allowed a mazy run By Sheridan Bird

6. A Tory scheme for stopping the jobless from frittering money on stuff like Sky TV By Andy McSmith

7. Living with Generalised anxiety disorder: ‘My mind whirrs continually – negative thoughts compete for space’ By Natalie Lobel

8. Where are the most affordable homes in the UK? By Alex Johnson

9. From Gangnam Style to Nick Clegg’s apology song: The top viral videos of 2012 By George Arnett

10. Review of Homeland ‘In Memoriam’ By Charles Reynolds

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