“Mayan apocalypse: are there any facts behind this doomsday scenario? (No)”

John Rentoul

An unusual example of a Headline Which Answers Its Own Question in the Guardian’s US News Blog, spotted by my esteemed colleague Paul Bignell.

It is too late to get a copy of Questions To Which The Answer Is No delivered for Christmas. But you can still download the e-book for yourself.

3rd 300x149 Mayan apocalypse: are there any facts behind this doomsday scenario? (No)

Meanwhile, the evergreen series carries on, reaching number 890 with this gem:

Were aliens helping Hitler’s quest for world domination?…

Asked by the History Channel on 14 December (right). Via Paul Goodman.

Number 891, asked by BBC News and spotted by Joe Cooper:

Are smartphones too difficult for older people to use?

Number 892, asked by “Berfrois“:

Must philosophers be parents?

Spotted by Guy Longworth.

And number 893, asked by Channel 4, a documentary entitled:

Is our weather getting worse?

Watched with frustration by Mark Gatiss, the brilliant screenwriter of Doctor Who, who commented: “30 mins in & no attempt at an answer. Just archive footage of bad weather.”

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  • creggancowboy

    Was Luke Bozier fitted up? QTWTAI? Your Xmas card to Louise Mensch would have been a wonder to behold Giovanni!

  • kawasakiman

    The Mayan apocalypse scenario is much akin to believing time will stop if your watch does.

  • Phil Daniels

    “Is there any chance that newspapers will stop using the Aztec Calendar as the default illustration for this story supposedly about the Mayas? (No)”

  • Bob339

    Why does anyone pay the slightest attention to the ramblings of these primitives who never even had the wheel? Please stop filling up the paper with BS.

  • Firozali A.Mulla

    This was the calendar of the ancien society and Americans created a lot fuss by trying to vist the palace and see for themselves the place if the dooms day was near. Silly it sounds, scared many were like Y2K I thank you Firozali A.Mulla

  • John Rentoul

    I don’t know. Is that any better?

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