Barking Blondes: Pet-related injuries, homeless people and Martha Stewart

Joanne Good and Anna Webb

barking1 300x225 Barking Blondes: Pet related injuries, homeless people and Martha StewartAt a time when we should be looking our best, given the party season, one of us is sporting a split lip. It involved a lot of blood and the injury is now impressively thick enough to look like the result of thre rounds with Lennox Lewis.

However, embarrassingly it actually occurred from a game of tug with our miniature bull terrier Molly. She suddenly released her bite from the rope toy, which in turn resulted in the hand that was pulling it, flying into the lip with great force and splitting it. In other words, a self-inflicted injury.

Apparently 95 per cent of all accidents happen in the home and a high proportion of them are pet-related.

Last year Martha Stewart homemaker extraordinaire was pictured lying on a stretcher, having received stitches to her own split lip, following an incident with her French bulldog, Francesca. Having bent down to kiss the dog goodbye, she awoke the sleeping Francesca who jumped and knocked her bullet-like head into Martha’s mouth. Goodness knows how many personal appearances had to be cancelled!

A while ago we had the designer Cath Kitson on our show. She had just broken a hip by falling over her border terrier, Stanley (who is also the muse for many of her designs). Displaying all the traits of a typical dog lover, her obvious adoration for Stanley didn’t seem to be over shadowed by this highly frustrating incident. Falls are the highest percentage of pet-related injuries. They usually involves cats due to their ability to sneak up silently behind you. At least with a dog there is usually some audio of panting to warn you. But be prepared, the smell of turkey can lure any canine into the kitchen and a quick turn from the oven, roasting dish in hand, only to be confronted by a salivating, close up pooch is an accident waiting to happen.

Last Christmas, we had a caller to our radio show who had leapt out of bed on Christmas morning and trod on a half chewed calves hoof left on the rug by the family pet. It imbedded itself into the flesh between his big toe and he spent December 25 in A and E.


How many homeless people will we see on the streets over the holiday period? And how many of them are with a dog? May we give a big throw out to St Mungo’s one of the few, if not the only, hostels to allow dogs. If you live on the street a dog is not only protection but also a hot water bottle.

This week Harvey, a resident from St Mungo’s joined us on the show, along with his german shepherd Kya. There is much written about the bond between owner and dog but never is it more evident than the homeless person and their pet. They are literally never apart. As Harvey explained, the lead is superfluous as his dog would never for a moment, consider leaving his side.

He has no idea how much Kya has saved his life but its not unknown for rough sleepers to be attacked or even set alight in their sleep. With a dog by your side, he explained, it’s less likely. St Mungo’s not only offers beds but veterinary service, knitted dog jumpers and dog treats.

A lot of these services are supplied to the hostel by the Dogs Trust, who coined the famous slogan “A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas”. The same could be said, unfortunately, for homelessness.

Have a fantastic Christmas and from the two of us and our dogs Molly and Matilda.

Woof! Woof!

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  • Peter Egan

    Morning, Jo’, Anna, Matilda and Molly. great to see you both the other week and congratulations on the new slot for my favourite show on the radio. Split lips apart, dogs continue to prove themselves to be our greatest companions. Have a wonderful Christmas and continuing success on the air and blog waves in 2013.
    Love and woofs to all. Peter (-:)

  • madgooner1

    i tripped over my dog and knocked my front tooth out

  • 5brian5

    Seasons Greetings Ladies! I’m sorry to hear of your mishap resulting in a split lip. With no humidity in my home, and no matter what I try to do to correct the problem, my lips are always chapped to the point of being split and quite painful. I do empathize with you. I’ve been lucky with all my pets, past and present. They have all seemed to have built in radar, avoiding being stepped on, or tripping me. At night, I have things dimly lit, using very low power lights. My cat, Tula, is hard for me to see at night, yet she is always looking out for me, as I am for her. Amazingly, when she wants a drink of water, she sits on the top of the kitchen sink waiting for me to turn on the tap. When I do, before she puts her mouth to the running water, she always tests it with her paw, I assume to make sure its cold verses hot. Animals are amazing to me, and too often don’t receive the credit they’re due. I have been enjoying your show and your new time slot. Hearing Harvey on your show, and realizing how important Kya is to him was enlightening. Here in Detroit, I have never heard the dilemma of homeless people and their dogs discussed. Its either one or the other, never combined. As with many social issues in America, this topic needs discussion. I find it hard to believe, but if I heard correct, there are twenty thousand people homeless in Detroit. Thats shocking! I sincerely hope the four of you, as well as all the readers and participants to this blog have a very Happy Christmas, and a superb New Year! Luv You Girls! “Woof Woof”! Brian (Detroit) xxxx

  • marcbletchley

    hi jo and anna
    oh dear thats not good for one of you with a doggie injury i assume its you anna with molly.
    ive not had many accidents involving pets allthough have fallen over the odd moggie hanging around for food feeding time.
    great reading and will continue to support the blog in the new year best wishes to all listeners and blog readers.
    woof woof from bletchley towers

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