Let’s play “taunt the toff” and never mind the facts

John Rentoul

Andrew+Mitchell+CCTV 300x199 Lets play taunt the toff and never mind the factsRobert Harris in The Sunday Times yesterday (pay wall) is too generous to his friend Andrew Mitchell, but he makes some important points:

Even those left-wing papers and MPs who had paraded before Leveson earlier in the year, deploring the relationship between the police and the tabloids, now eagerly repeated the story without once questioning where it had come from. It was time to play taunt-the-toff and everyone could join in. This is what happens when a political leader plays the class war card, as Ed Miliband has so ruthlessly against the Tories: it legitimises dark impulses and makes an unpopular social minority fair game for abuse.

It was Miliband who in his conference speech quoted Mitchell’s use of the word “pleb” as if it were uncontested. This was opportunist and inconsistent. The Labour leader is so proud of standing up to Rupert Murdoch, but when faced with another powerful interest with a questionable relationship to democracy, the police, he takes its side.

How convenient for him that the Leveson report said almost nothing useful about the interface between politicians and the police.

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  • JohnJustice

    And those who are assuming there was no truth in the original allegation should also check their facts given that doubt has been cast on it simply because someone else may have falsely elaborated on it for their own purposes.

  • Newsbot9

    No, spamming like you isn’t “growing up”.

  • Newsbot9

    Keep supporting harassing people based on their skin colour, spammer.

  • Newsbot9

    Yes, you keep trying to tell people, spammer, to go and get a taste of your plans for this country.

    And keep supporting a government which by your “logic” has no mandate to be ruling. As ever, you’re simply trying to restrict basic rights, but you won’t condemn a government which is working very hard to do so for not having 50% of voters.

    Typical anti-British totalitarianism.

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