The solo sailing blog: It doesn’t really feel like Christmas out here

Alex Thomson
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Alex Thomson Racing Hugo Boss VG

I crossed the international date line at around 6am this morning so I am now sailing behind GMT. However, I am still working on GMT in everything I do on the boat and because I don’t sleep normally at night time, it doesn’t make a huge amount of difference to me. I was quite close to crossing the date line on Christmas which would have meant having two Christmas days! But I am happy to be ahead.

It doesn’t feel much like Christmas out here. I looked out for a Christmas tree, but there isn’t a lot to find down here in the Southern Ocean!!

My team have told me that they have hidden some Christmas surprises onboard, including something from my wife Kate and son Oscar which I will try to wait until tomorrow to open. Hopefully then it will feel a bit more like Christmas is actually here.

Today is another day of DIY. Hydrogenerator problems still plague me but I feel as though I am getting closer to the root of the problem and so hopefully I will get there finally. The next few days look like good Southern Ocean conditions. If I am able to arrive at Cape Horn by about the second week of January, that would be a good achievement at great speed.

I want to thank everyone for all the Christmas messages I have been getting through on Facebook and Twitter. I turn on my computer twice a day and I love reading the notes from everyone. Although it doesn’t feel like Christmas around me, it is great to get that support especially at this time of year.

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    Merry Christmas! Good luck in the race.

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