The solo sailing blog: Going further than ever before

Alex Thomson

sailing8 300x225 The solo sailing blog: Going further than ever beforeAlex has made significant gains on the leading boats in the last 24 hours, gaining 150 miles on the leading duo as he powers through the Pacific Ocean and passes another significant milestone.

On such a long race alone it is good to have key milestones to tick off along the way, however small they might seem. Passing my furthest point in this race off the Cape of Good Hope was a big psychological tick for me and now having taken the boat further around the world than it has ever been is another boost on my way to the finish.

It was really tough last night, gusting up to 40 knots and big seas. Forty knots down here feels like 50 knots in the high latitudes, you have to continually ease the sheets in the gust making it impossible to get any decent rest.

Despite the tough night I’m pleased to be making ground on the leading pair, I think I’ve gained around 150 miles on them in the past 24 hours but with the forecast for the next day and a half I’m really going to be survival mode. Down in these southerly latitudes anything above 30 knots puts you into survival mode, so when it gets up to 40 knots you really are living on the edge and objectives are to keep the boat in one piece.

At the moment it looks as though it’s going to be a bit like this until we reach Cape Horn which should be around the evening of the 3rd January. While being tough on me it also makes it difficult to find a good time to do any more work on my Hydro repairs.

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