My Top 100 Tweeters of 2012

John Rentoul

new twitter logo 300x206 My Top 100 Tweeters of 2012Iain Dale, who is blogging again (thanks be to the gods of the internet), has posted his Top 50 favourite tweeters of 2012. This is such a good idea that I have copied it. Only I could not restrict my list to 50. So, here are my top 100, in a very particular order, that is, the reverse order in which I followed them:


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  • BlairSupporter

    Y’know I wondered if that was you earlier on twitter. Worked out the difference between Islam & Islamism yet? No? thought not. It’s only 2 pills for you tonight, “Doctor”, remember.

  • BlairSupporter

    Got you all excited then did I, Ron Broxted… sorry, Ciaran Rehil, sorry, creggancowboy? I clicked follow instead of back. Should have realised following you is NOT the thing to do. Backwards is not the way forward. Take water with those tablets. Then a few doubles. Enjoy.

  • creggancowboy

    I look forward to the flag of the caliphate flying over Westminster, you are welcome to pray at the masjid with me – I don’t think 2013 will be a good year for plod, il ha’am du’l il eh!

  • BlairSupporter

    Wonder how long before we can charge creggancowboy with treason? Incitement to… ? He, the convert, believes Islam = Islamism. What a dullard joker he is. Naivety embodied.

  • creggancowboy

    On reverts to Islam, not converts. Treason? I have no time for Mrs Schleswig-Holstein-von Sonderburg-von Augustenburg.

  • BlairSupporter

    “On” does, does “on”? The spectacular foot-in-mouth anachronism of creggancowboy & fellow travellers is only bettered by his ignorance. One cannot “revert”, silly boy, to something that happened later in the time sequence. Islam was the LAST (ie. most recent) of the 3 Abrahamic religions.

  • creggancowboy

    The default setting of the soul is Islam according to Muslims, spend more time reading the Qu’ran less on Mein Kampf

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