Is World War II Still Being Fought?

John Rentoul

Number 895 in the series of Questions To Which The Answer Is No is asked by Frontpage magazine. No, I do not know what it is about either. I glanced at it and saw this: “Coincidence? Possibly.” After a while, the styles of conspiracy theorists become as recognisable as those of music.

Credit to James Vaughan, or ‏@EquusontheBuses, for spotting it.

hats 300x273 Is World War II Still Being Fought?Sunder Katwala (‏@sundersays) spotted number 896: ”Will 2013 be the year of the silliest hats ever?” (right). Anyone knows that the real answer to that question is: any year in the 18th century.

JP ‏(@jollyjapes) spotted number 897: “Can skipping breakfast lead to murder?”

And finally for today, number 898 was asked by Ben Tillett in the title of a pamphlet in 1908: “Is the parliamentary Labour party a failure?”

As Pete Goddard and Atul Hatwal say, this must be the first QTWTAIN in Labour history.

The Questions To Which The Answer Is No book is still available, for late Christmas or New Year presents.

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  • Peter Fitzgerald-Morris

    The answer to 895 may formally be yes, unless there has been finally been a peace treaty between Russia (as sucessor to the USSR) and Japan.

  • Malcolm Redfellow

    Here’s one, courtesy of Can evolution explain high heels?

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