The new third party

John Rentoul

farage 300x187 The new third partyUKIP ends the year with an average rating in the opinion polls higher than the Liberal Democrats. UKIP is on 10%, excluding Survation, which mentions the party in its voting intention question, and on 11% if Survation is included.

The Liberal Democrats, meanwhile, are on an average of 9%.

My collation of the last polls of the year from the nine main polling companies produces the following figures for UKIP, ordered by date of end of fieldwork:

Ipsos-MORI 10/12/2012   7%

ComRes online 14/12/2012   14%

Survation 14/12/2012   14%

Populus 16/12/2012   10%

ComRes tel 16/12/2012   9%

TNS-BMRB 17/12/2012   12%

YouGov 23/12/2012   8%

ICM 23/12/2012   7%

Opinium 27/12/2012   15%

I have commented before on the media bias in the reporting of UKIP; and about UKIP generally.

Photograph of Nigel Farage by Justin Sutcliffe

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  • creggancowboy

    Add everything that ZaNuLabour did was untrustworthy, though minimum wage a good idea.

  • a_no_n

    you know, Blair started off well, i think he actually intended to be a good left wing leader. But he got corrupted by influences like George Bushes and as a result decided Rupert Murdoch and the Editors of the daily Mail were the only people he needed to please…So the banks got deregulated, we went to war, and the country was put infront of an iceberg, with just enough time for Blair to jump ship at the last minute and let luckless Gordon take all the flak.

  • Leekliberal

    I can remember the the Greens (can you even remember the name of their current leader – I can’t) getting 15% to our 6% in the 1989 Euro-elections and the UKIPPERS have beaten us in the last two Euro-elections but have NIL MPs. Foolish people have written us off so many times but we always will be around to give pain to authoritarians of all stripes!

  • Guest

    ? Again no facts, figures or arguments to support your views….. As I said my gran would haul you off the doorstep to keep her vote safe from any shyster!
    You’ve given me a few more labels, to rationalize your views – only
    I’m entitled to vote, have never voted UKIP, am interested in what happens in democracy.You using private perceptions coming from your head, to make short work of me.
    His policies would be on Europe because that be his job,
    and. the mission given him by a majority, in an election. at EU level.His views aren’t in a majority, in the bigger UK and… world..
    If me and my gran are of so little importance to you, we’d not likely be listening to your political views, before we cast our votes.
    Why do you hate him so much, and your fellow voters at same time, who think he speaks for them?
    Isn’t there room for everyone’s views in UK any more?

    I could learn a thing or two, and hope to – from you, if answer the question…. What do you like about whom you vote for… or give me some real facts and figures, about why? – he is not up for the job, he was given in Brussels….
    to represent UK and European citizens.
    Tossing a few more of your Reality labels at me,
    will never prove I am what you think… or the enemy.
    For some reason I triggered an awful lot of buttons yesterday, when I wrote _ ‘ I liked his debating style, and ways of getting messages across, in his job.’

  • reformist lickspittle

    Btw, I’m not UKIP (or Green ;) )

    Just enjoy calling out deluded LibDems – do you post at LibDemVoice, I wonder?? The modern day Jonestown cultists!!

  • Leekliberal

    Ah, I spot a red stripe! Presumably you support the Labour Party which over 13 years in majority Government managed to WIDEN the gap between rich and poor while attacking civil liberties and fighting an illegal war! Labour also left an appalling financial mess for the Coalition to tackle. I find your faith in Labour touching!

  • creggancowboy

    He was seduced by Middle England;)

  • a_no_n

    I can’t remember the exact ammounts, but i know whenever Farage has mentioned how much we contribute to the EU each day, he is always at least 9 million pounds too high…which adds up to about 3825million pounds a year…and you want to trust this idiot with the treasury? when this is meant to be his area of expertise? you’re a braver man than I.
    I suppose the reason your comments caused so much of a stir is that most people can’t believe someone who can write in full sentences and spell correctly was duped by such a blatant con man…Seriously, the guy is so sleazy he must leave an oily trail everywhere he goes…it was probably all that dripping sleeze that clogged up the mechanisms and caused his little plane crash.

    As for why do i hate him…because he’s a liar. Because he has so little respect for this country and it’s people that he feels it’s ok to lie to us to get power from us, and he has the nerve to drape a union flag around his shoulders and prance about like he’s a patriot at the same time…that’s why i utterly dispise him, it makes me sick, and i apologise if i’ve taken a bit of that out on you.

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