2013 trivia that you may have missed

Andy McSmith
fireworks 300x230 2013 trivia that you may have missed

Fireworks in London to mark the start of 2013 (Getty Images)

The holiday season is a time to brush up on stuff you never really needed to know, so here are three unimportant facts that may have passed you by:

1) On 2 January 1913, the New Orleans Times-Democrat was pleased to report that “very few” juveniles had been arrested during the New Year revelry, though “the most serious case was that of Louis Armstrong, a 12 year old negro who discharged a pistol at Rampart and Perdido streets. Being an old offender he was sent to the negro Waif’s Home.” Later, he did rather well as a jazz musician.

2) 2,013 is the product of three prime numbers – 3, 11, and 61.

3) It is dark for about 17 hours of the day during January in Malmo, in Sweden, one of the cities that were the settings for that dark Scandinavian thriller, The Bridge. According to the Wikipedia entry on Malmo, it is the home town of one famous person, namely “Joakim Hellstrand (better known as Rythian), a member of The Yogscast.”

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