My 2013 Google Chrome Alphabet

John Rentoul

A My 2013 Google Chrome AlphabetWhat comes up when you type a letter and “Enter” into the address bar of your browser? I did this last year, and it hasn’t changed much, making this an even duller and more self-obsessed post this year.

a Amazon

b BBC News

c ComRes

d Daily Mail

e Wikipedia (

f Facebook

g Google front page

h Huffington Post

i Independent

j my page at Independent Minds (the old Independent blog; the address is

k Facebook (Chrome picks up the “k” at the end)

l Labour Party

m goes to a private web-based email account (its address begins “mail”)

n BBC News (again,

o Oxford Dictionaries

p (live feed of House of Commons)

q Google search for “q”: first item, Q magazine

r Google search for “r”: first item, the R Project for Statistical Computing

s London Evening Standard (

t Telegraph

u UK Polling Report

v Google search for “v”: first item V, code for Visa Inc on NYSE

w Wikipedia

x Google search for “x”: first item X, code for United States Steel Corporation on NYSE

y YouTube

z Google search for “z”: first item Z, code for Zillow Inc (NASDAQ)‎

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  • Michelle Chapman

    Many of the results depend on the searcher as Google tailors them. For example, I get Ikea for i and John Lewis for j

  • creggancowboy

    Banning Independent Minds was the worst thing Lebedev ever did. Second worst was firing Jody McIntyre for telling the truth. Third was hiring Dent & Jones as a discount comedy act.

  • Jack Johnson

    we all know what really came up for p..

  • Junius

    I am somewhat surprised to discover a journalist of the left-leaning Indy using the browser of one of those corporations which refuses to pay ‘a fair amount’ of tax. Mr Rentoul should be called before a Revolutionary Tribunal to explain himself. Were I a latterday Madame Defarge, I should be selecting a new knitting pattern in gleeful anticipation of a fine day out beneath the shadow of the guillotine.

    Grease the tumbril axle shaft, Jacques.

  • SpartacusMars

    Since when is JR left-leaning? Or a journalist?

  • Farweasel

    Would that have been some sort of container Jack?

    I’ll tell you something more interesting ‘though ….. Sad cynical obsessive that I am I decided to test the above report by shoving the letters into Google search.
    (In fairness I emphasise ‘ordinary’ Google, not chrome).

    The results?:

    A – ‘The letter A, the first letter of the alphabet’. But in case that was too linear I checked the next. That was ‘A* search algorithm’.

    B – Was B&Q. (How much did they slip Google for THAT one)?

    Whilst C – logically was ‘C’ a programming language.

    It may or may not be the case that John Rentoul (the writer) got the results he claims. But, if he’s playing a straight bat and reporting genuine results, the kindest thing to suggest is he may be overlooking some artifact of computer memory replicating his previous search results.

    Of course, being a top notch journalist …… As if.

    If anyone’s running G Chrome and would like to see what they get?

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