More than a million days wasted every year sorting out house moves

Alex Johnson

89dd32a06f1acb6fa56088f63473306290bed05f 300x199 More than a million days wasted every year sorting out house movesIt takes almost two whole days for buyers to arrange the key elements of a house move including booking removals and switching utilities, according to figures from They also estimate that a further 25 hours per move is used on tasks such as finding a new school, registering with the doctor’s and updating the electoral register.

Meanwhile, a report from Rightmove suggests 82% of people spend one at least one hour per day looking at property online during the period they are actively looking for a new home. Around 14% spend more than three hours doing so.

However, the figures also suggest that 55% of people in Britain still looking at property online even if they are not looking to move, checking to see which neighbours might be about to sell up, fantasy window shopping or just curious to see what’s on offer. The majority of this group claim to spend between one and two hours searching for property every day (38%), while 5% claim to spend three hours plus. Searches during work time account for 28% of this property hunger.

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  • patric dunne

    WASTED ? WASTED? since when did peoples activities become equated with waste ? oh! that would be around about the same time people agreed to think of themselves as some product ! so far gone even are governing representatives evaluate us by ££ GDP ££

  • hectorsmum

    I was indeed, oh and we are still trying to sort out this mess. Can I maybe labour that point too.

  • warbyothermeans

    There are only 365 days in the year so this article is clearly wrong right from the start…………….

  • a_no_n

    it’s not harsh, this is Advertisements masquerading as news, and it’s utterly disgusting to see in a once reputable newspaper!
    the statistics are flawless? Statistics are NEVER flawless! The only flawless statistics are forged ones!

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