New self-storage concept launches

Alex Johnson

5e56164eb5ca5313f61f167f7a1f7b83327845a1 300x225 New self storage concept launchesAt the back end of last year we posted about the advantages of using removal firms rather than going down the self-storage route. However, a new launch is targeting downsizing couples, landlords letting out properties and those between permanent homes is about to go national following a six month pilot scheme.

LoveSpace’s ‘mailstorage’ concept is aimed at consumers who want to declutter but who want to avoid the minimum costs associated with traditional self-storage. The company sends customers boxes and packaging free of charge, they pack these in their own homes and LoveSpace picks them up and transports them to its secure regional warehouse, also free of charge. Customers can store as little or as much as they wish since the space is measured in terms of boxes rather than storage areas.

Brett Akker, chairman of LoveSpace, and co-founder of Streetcar car club, said: “One of the key attractions is that customers do not have to make long term commitments to pay for storage spaces that may be larger than needed. They only pay for the actual boxes they store, rather than a whole storage room which may be only half full. In this way, customers can make substantial savings.”

Britain has more than 800 major self-storage units, easily the highest number in Europe. The UK Self Storage Association estimates that the average length of storage is now 38 weeks, compared with 22 weeks in 2007. The association estimates that one in 100 UK households uses self-storage.

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  • Kevin

    Hardly a new concept as Depositories have been around in the
    UK for a few hundred years. And this can’t really be called “self
    Storage” as the customer does not deposit their goods or have access to
    them, does not have a private, secure room and cannot access as and when they need

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