Rework: The trio discuss their background

Marcus Barnes

reworkbyaxaxax3 300x225 Rework: The trio discuss their background Rework is an electronic music trio made up of members Daniel Varga, Michael Kuebler and Sascha Hedgehog. They produce a variety of different styles from the minimal dancefloor-orientated Tell Me Why (which was released on the much-lauded Items & Things label) through to the more folky Wrong In All Our Ways. I recently spoke to Michael about the group’s history.

When did the Rework story begin?

We started to rent a studio around 2000 putting all our analog gear together and starting work on our first track Anyway I Know You. This track was mainly inspired by hearing Chicks On Speed by Euro Trash Girl. We sent a four-track demo CD to Roman Flügel from Playhouse, whom we met before in Stuttgart for a DJ gig. A few weeks later we had the vinyl of our first EP on playhouse in our hands. In 2005 we called upon the Stuttgart girl “Sascha Hedgehog” after seeing her playing with her band “the bottles” to join our project.

What’s your background?

We were raised together in a Christian community, so there was a lot of church music around us. In our teen years we had piano lessons with the same teacher and started to write our first songs. This time around we got also get fascinated by synthesizers and bought our first couple, a Roland Jupiter 6 and a Casio CZ-5000, after working in our summer holidays. The love for music started early in our childhood. In the Nineties we listened to new wave, indie and shoegazer. Daniel was already involved with the electronic music projects Cybordelics and Borneo & Sporenburg.

As a three-person operation, did you find it difficult at first to work together?

Yeah sometimes it’s kind of difficult and we wish to have another girl member in the band to keep everything more balanced.

What role does each of you play within the Rework project?

Sascha is mainly responsible for the vocals and lyrics but also has her own influence on the music. While us guys produce all the music in our studio and try to organise all the details of the production.

How long did it take for you to find the ‘Rework sound’?

We still love our first productions and a lot of labels are coming to us and ask for tracks like the old stuff… so the typical Rework sound I guess is really minimal and influenced by minimal house but also by other favourite music genres like new wave.

Who have been your key influences/inspirations, music-wise?

New Order. We love their first records and a favourite is still Power, Corruption & Lies.

Do you ever have any conflicts over the music you make?

It would be a lie to say that we never have had any conflicts. The main conflict is Daniel or me trying to present a new Rework track to the other members but no one likes it.

Why did you choose the name Rework?

This has really no deeper meaning. We started thinking about “Remote” as band name inspired by The Tubes Remote Control album. But soon after this we decided to name ourselves Rework.

What’s the most difficult aspect of working within a trio? And what’s the best thing?

Sometimes the discussions about tracks and the diverse opinions are difficult to handle, but the best aspect is being able to travel with three people – this is always a lot more fun than travelling alone. And also hanging around in the studio is really funny for all of us.

For someone who’s never heard your music before, which of your releases would you recommend as an introduction to the Rework sound?

Maybe Love Love Love Yeah and on of our latest tracks Tell Me Why on Items & Things. But I’d also recommend you to listen to our more song orientated stuff like Amoureuse, What You Want or Wrong In All Our Ways.

For more information on Rework, visit their Facebook page here.

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