Is he Clegg, or is he Kilroy?

Andy McSmith

nickclegg 300x225 Is he Clegg, or is he Kilroy?Nick Clegg must have time on his hands, and a thick hide. How else to explain the gleeful announcement from LBC, a radio station with a weekly audience of 927,000, that the Deputy Prime Minister has agreed to make a half hour appearance every week, starting at 9.00 am on Thursday, for a live phone-in. He can expect some hostile questions.

The announcement has prompted the Labour MP, John Mann, to liken Mr Clegg to Robert Kilroy-Silk, who went from being a disgruntled Labour MP to a career in broadcasting, followed by an undistinguished term as a maverick MEP for the East Midlands. “He looks like Kilroy, he sounds like Kilroy, he acts like Kilroy. Both were invisible as East Midlands MEPs.  In fact where is Kilroy? Is he Kilroy in disguise?” Mann inquired.

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  • chelseaarefruitcakes

    Grow-up? – Throw-up!

  • Lewis Whatton-Mett

    The Green Party has been given a chance in Brighton. Now if you really want to know what happens when the lunatics run the asylum pop down to the south coast!

  • Lewis Whatton-Mett

    Throttled by his own lies, surely?

  • Lewis Whatton-Mett

    There must be considerable irony in writing a post like this that calls other people a moron.

  • Kevin Leonard

    Whatever has led you to still believe that this is still a “Free country”? it was taken over by the financial sector during the last 20 years of misguided administration by all of the political parasites who now have no control left which is why we the tax payer are footing the bill for their(bankers/politicians) mistakes.
    The only way we shall see a free UK again is after the REVOLUTION which is long overdue.

  • a_no_n

    It’s a free country, because you can call for Revolution in all caps and you don’t have to be afraid of the secret police knocking down your door for doing it!
    yeah that’s the other side of the problem…Every time a half decent leftist movement does show up, people like you show up screaming innaccuracies and calling for revolution at the top of your voice, and any sensible argument is lost in the following storm. Have you considered the feat a complete revolution would take? do you have battle plans drawn up for how you’d take london, or are you just sounding off?

  • a_no_n

    Or you’ve been unfortunate enough to lose your original job, and you’re stuck in a cycle of Agency work, because bottom tier agency work is the only work out there.

    Assuming anyone who is 35 and working minimum wage is only there because they are an idiot, personally i think the person comparing his lifetime of experience to the current job market is an idiot, because he clearly doesn’t have a clue what’s going on outside his cosy little bubble!

  • trevor21

    Luvin the holy nimbus. The names Templar,Simon Templar.

  • JohnBEllis

    “Is he Clegg, or is he Kilroy?”

    “What he is” is a dead man walking. Or, more succinctly, toast.

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