Guinness World Records 2013 Gamer’s Edition

Jessica Gane

guiness 2 300x225 Guinness World Records 2013 Gamer’s EditionThe Guinness World Records™ 2013 Gamer’s Edition released some incredible new feats within the gaming world. It found a host of new achievements in 2012 that do not merely constrain gaming to the screen. Kevin Lynch, the Guinness World Book of Records Online Editor, said that this year they were looking at some “amazing records”. This year the famous record holding book represents many awards that have not been presented before as it opens up throughout the versatile world of gaming.

One man has managed to own the Largest Collection of Video Game Memorabilia over the last 23 years thanks to the simple work of Mario and his mushroom. Brett Martin, 31, began collecting after his parents gave him a model Super Mario in 1989, the same year that Super Mario land was released for the Game Boy console. His collection comprises of 8,030 pieces of gaming memorabilia and has an estimated worth of over $10,000, roughly £6227. Martin has a room dedicated to his memorabilia and while his children love it, his wife is “tolerant”. In 2006 Martin set up the website Video Game Memorabilia Museum to share his enthusiasm, it offers advice on how to purchase similar items.

guinness1 300x225 Guinness World Records 2013 Gamer’s EditionThe iPhone may be the thing of the past when it comes to gaming. Mark Slevinsky of Alberta, Canada has created the world’s Smallest Arcade Machine. The gadget whose size of a mere 124 x 52 x 60 mm (4.88 x 2.05 x 2.36 in) has been created by computer engineer Slevinsky. It took him six months to build and is fully operational for the keenest gamer. Slevinsky got the idea when he saw miniature paper models of arcade machines and thought he should “make them playable”. His tiny invention has all the parts of your normal arcade machine, including a joystick and display, but no coin slot. This innovative idea makes Slevinsky the first to win such an award.

guiness3 300x225 Guinness World Records 2013 Gamer’s EditionJann Mardenborough has made very different progress in the gaming world. He won the title of Youngest Gran Turismo Academy Winner in 2011, aged 19, and has managed to transfer his knowledge into the world of pro-racing. The award was set up by Nissan and Playstation to see how gamers would succeed when driving a real race car. At the age of 11, Cardiff born Mardenborough took up the racing video game as he could no longer afford to go regularly to the local go-karting track and now he is a professional racer presenting Britain. Following his GT Academy win, he has gone on to get his international racing license and will drive for Nissan in Blancpain Endurance Series.

An achievement that falls slightly into the field of more conventional gaming, 15-year-old Jacob Gaby won Highest Margin of Victory in a FIFA. Gaby gained the record by accident after him and his brother decided to see how many goals they could score in one match. The game ended with Gaby having scored 189 goals to his brothers 0, which averages out at about 5 goals per minute. The Guinness World Records noticed Gaby’s achievement when he uploaded a video of their game onto YouTube and was contacted by one of their team that told him about his record.

Other award holders include John Bates, who became the Oldest Gaming Record Holder at the age of 85 for having score 14,000 perfect games in Wii Sports Bowling. And last July, the country of South Korea became the First Country to Ban in Game Sales. South Korea will fine people who break this law 50 million won (£28,000); it is being used to target the use of bots used for automatic collections of in-game items.

The Guinness World Records 2013 Gamer’s Edition offers the gamers a way to see different achievements throughout the gaming world and to learn more about other people in the world to which they dedicate a lot of time.  The gaming society now represents a huge percentage of the population and these records offer a way for wider society to celebrate their achievements.

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  • linton david

    waw,it seems nice!

  • Jason Ward

    Great. There should be a record for the most number of games machines connected to a TV. I had them all ten years ago. And a sideboard packed with retro games. They gave hours of fun and everyone had their favorite. It must be double that number already. No mean feat of wiring, shelving and storing….

  • Vlad Coteanu

    I scored 198 in a match.

  • cowdensno1

    Well then my friend. You are a world record holder
    Congats to you

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