Tory trouble on the Broads

Andy McSmith
daubney 225x300 Tory trouble on the Broads

Norfolk County Council appears to be going through a stormy patch. They became embroiled in an argument with King’s Lynn and West Norfolk council over an incinerator, which the county council wanted to have built but which the borough opposed. BBC Radio Norfolk invited the West Norfolk council leader, Nick Daubney, to discuss the dispute on air. Two days before his scheduled appearance, the presenter, Nick Conrad, had an email  telling him confidentially that Coun Daubney’s days as a council leader might be numbered,  because he was facing “a serious leadership challenge”. A Freedom of Information request later teased out that the sender was Kevin Vaughan, political assistant to Derek Murphy, leader of the county council. Both council leaders are Conservatives, meaning that they are meant to be on the same side, not conspiring against each other. Councillor Murphy has stood aside while a standards committee investigates. Daubney wants him sacked. And while this goes on, the county is also losing its £205,322 a year chief executive, David White, whose job has been redefined. He will leave with a £35,000 pay off plus £45,000 towards his pension, but the good news for Norfolk’s council tax payers is that his replacement will get a substantially smaller salary.

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