The Doran Test

John Rentoul

Left or Right 300x158 The Doran TestTo go on about it, Tom Doran’s article for Jewish Journal is good. To take one detail, I liked his summary of the formula used by the anti-left to decide its position on anything happening anywhere in the world:

1. Which side is the United States on?

2. Which side has all the money/ weaponry?

3. Which side, overall, has lighter skin?

Where all three questions generate the same answer, that answer is The Enemy. Where the answers are mixed or unclear, the result is abject confusion, as in the case of Syria. In the manner of a stopped clock, this formula will occasionally yield the correct position, as with South Africa. More often, it’s a first-class ticket into the moral abyss. In the interests of balance, I should point out that a nontrivial percentage of right-wingers make use of the same three questions with the results inverted.

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